Where did July go?

31 July 2008

Well, July has sped past hasn't it? And has my life magically got better? No! 

So we havent sold the house yet. So far we have had 2 offers of £155K. Now I know that house prices are falling,theres a credit crunch etc,BUT when my house was originally valued,it was put at £195K,and I know that prices have not fallen that much. Also, I know my house needs a little bit of work,but it is purely cosmetic,i.e. painting and decorating,and a new kitchen. I also know that a new kitchen for this house would be £5k AT THE MOST.

One of the people who put in the offer I know is a developer,he as much as said so when he came round. The second person is a woman going through a divorce,and its the husband who is paying.Both tight bastards hoping to make a buck for themselves. The Estate Agent is annoying me,because he should just tell these people to get real. We have had very lengthy discussions about how much we want and why we need that much ,which I think is a bit rich as we are paying him to do a job,not be damn nosy!So he knows our exact position and should just tell these people straight,not waste time asking what we think !

 I suppose we are lucky in that the amount of our mortgage is quite a lot less than these prices,but the reason for that is because I actually inherited a share of this house(It was my Grandparents) so if we take a low price I am effectively throwing my inheritance away,and that is painful. 

At this rate we arent going to be able to buy anywhere else anyway,so I dont know what to do. I am applying for a council house,on the grounds of my hubbys medical problems.