What a waste(r)

7 July 2008
As with many of us, the odd 'epiphany' moment comes at the strangest of times. Personally, mine seem to pop along in the shower or on the Tube - namely, at a time when I've not got a pen handy to record it.

Anywho, I digress...

Having read Nathalie's blog and with the dreaded 'C' word (that's 'credit crunch', by the way...) still very much in the forefront of our minds and now even the Prime Minister telling us to not to be so wasteful, it got me thinking - whilst in the shower - how much the little things probably add up to a fair chunk of cash - especially if we're all doing it.

Now, we've all seen the adverts telling us to only boil as much water as we need to when using the kettle, but I'm certain this philosophy applies to other aspects of our lives. My first thought, aptly enough, was of using the shower.

Now, I'm not one for baths (are they more economically and environmentally-friendly? I can never remember...), but I shower at least once a day, which means I use approximately 80 litres per shower, according to uSwitch. But as I was showering, it dawned on me that (and I apologise for this image) while I'm applying shampoo/shower gel, there's no real need to have the water running. I figure I could save about 20p a week (minimum) - that's around £12 a year. Plus, I'll probably stop burning my feet under the shower...

Elsewhere, as I share a flat with a friend, and with the average washing cycle using 65 litres per wash (12p per use), surely if we clubbed together our washing and didn't use half-loads, we'd be saving money and water - plus, there's the cost of soap powder to factor in (blimey, mum'd beso proud).

I notice on Moneywise there's a couple of interesting articles on saving money on your water bills and finding the cheapest supermarket goods, which are very useful, but has anyone else got any decent thrifty tips?

After all, Gordon's on the case now....