Weekly newsletter introduced

20 April 2012

Moneywise has responded to your feedback by introducing a weekly newsletter, which subscribers will receive tomorrow (Saturday 21st April). We hope you like it. We send up to five newsletters a week, compiled around different themes and topics of interest. However, some readers prefer to receive a single newsletter each week and this is now available to you. We won't be able to cover everything in the weekly so if you want maximum benefit stay opted in to the dailies.  You can update your preferences by clicking on "manage your newsletter" at the footer of the last e-mail you received from us.

We have also had some feedback on stories that are repeated in newsletters. We have people signing up to these newsletters on a daily basis and if you found an article helpful, it may also be useful to other readers. As such, we do re-run some articles in our newsletters, but rest assured we try to get the balance right and not be too repetitive. Bear in mind the weekly newsletter will have some new stories but will mostly show the top stories of the week. If you prefer to read new stories, the daily newsletters might be more suitable.

Of course, if you prefer a good old magazine delivered to your door, we have a great subscription deal you can take advantage of.

Lastly, thank you to all of you that participated in our site development survey (Jill from Rochford won the £50 voucher, btw).  Your feedback helped us understand your preferences and gave us some good ideas for future development. Watch this space!

Le Fras is product manager at Moneywise.co.uk.