Tesco Personal Finance's website is rubbish

10 December 2008

I have had a frustrating couple of weeks dealing with Tesco Personal Finance. I've set up an internet savers account with the firm and due to a mix up - okay, it was my fault - it took two lots of money out of my current account at the beginning of the month. The glitch was easily rectified but I've now hit a brick wall when trying to access my account.

Everyone at Tesco Personal Finance is very nice when I ring them. But after two weeks I'm still no closer to actually being able to access my account and transfer the money back to my current account. 

The main problem is the website - it wont allow you to register and tells you that the computer has been idle for 10 minutes.

I have asked now to close down the account as I want to see my money at some point in the future. But despite it being an online account I have to send them notice in writing and they'll send me a cheque. Great.

The website seems to be falling apart. That's fine I guess if your just a paper based banking operation but pretty rubbish if you are advertising online savings products.  

The tall ginger guy in charge at Tesco Personal Finance left HBOS under something of a cloud after he mucked up their mortgage business (this is pre-credit crunch and the wider market downturn). Good to see he's keeping up the good work at Tesco.