share robbery

25 October 2008

YellAs a small investor in both Northern Rock and B&B (approx £500 in each) i would be very interested to know where the shares have actually dissappeared to, as in my case they just disappeared from any stock market listing without any word or correspondence to myself from either organisation and as i understand it they are both still trading (quite successfully it would appear) and left me approx. £1000 out of pocket. how do the government and these organisations expect investors to put money into future fundings when their money can be taken away as quickly as this.

 I understand that sometime in the future Northern Rock will be handed back to the public sector i wonder whether the original shareholders will recieve compensation in the form of free shares.............i wont hold my breath!

And what of B&B shares, i thought this was a takeover by Banco Santander not a nationalisation so where have the shares disappeared to.

I think that i along with millions of other small investors will be very reluctant to invest in these organisations in future.

A very disgruntled lynnfinn