Transferring money abroad

1 February 2008

I've just posted a request on the forum ( ) in despair at the charges banks levy to transfer money to foreign bank accounts.

We're off to Italy on a grand tour, staying at various B&B's, most of which require a small deposit to confirm the reservation. The standard method is bank transfers but I've been quoted between £8 and £20 which is a significant amount if you multiply it by the number of B&B's or if you compare it to the paltry thirty or forty euros the friendly Italian hoteliers are asking me to transfer.

Hopefully I'll get some ideas for the future (from the forum) because now it's too late. Figuring that there was less than 1/4 chance of a letter going astray I changed some euros at the post office and sent the cash in the post!

Happily they've all confirmed Smile