Retail in Freefall?

22 December 2008

Are we witnessing the collapse of retail selling, as we know it? The internet is, under normal trading circumstances and in the main, cheaper, more efficient, user friendly, open 24 hours permanently, providing the widest possible choice and doesn't answer back!

Sure there's a lot to be said for personal service, if only I could remember the last time I had the kind of experience which most retailers claim to give, but, fail abysmally to deliver. Am I being unfair?

Have you noticed the number of retail units 'to let'? The rate of growth is gathering momentum fast and won't be slowing down anytime soon.

The whole retail concept needs to be analysed, examined and restructured before it reaches the point of no return, if it hasn't already! The majority of what we are experiencing is attributable to one simple thing - greed. The greed of shareholders, the greed of major corporations steamrollering small private companies in their attempt to achieve total dominance in any given market sector, the greed of landlords charging exorbitant rents for retail premises, the greed of banks offering an endless money supply to people and companies who have no chance of repaying. What an absolute shambles. Am I ringing any bells out there??

Well, the gravy train has stuttered to a halt and everybody is going to get, what nobody wants. I just find it so hard to believe that people with considerably more intelligence than myself, allegedly, have dug such a deep hole and are continuing to bury themselves so deeply in the mire.

Bitter? - you bet I am and will continue to be so until such time as somebody takes ownership and some very positive action, not only to reverse this appalling trend, but to ensure that we never experience anything remotely approaching this situation ever again. Any takers?