Wii Wish You a Merry Christmas

17 December 2007

When I asked my husband what he wanted for Christmas a few months back, I wasn’t quite aware what I was letting myself in for. “A Wii would be great,” he said, before starting to wax lyrical about the benefits of the new Nintendo Console. “You might even like it,” he suggested.

Buying a games console – easy I thought to myself. So instead of rushing out to buy one I focused my energies finding presents for those friends and relatives that are a bit harder to please.

I’ll confess now that I don’t know much about gaming, so it was only when I heard a story on the news that I came to learn that the much-coveted Wii was out of stock across the country. Never one to be defeated I became determined to get my hands on one – checking my local electronics shops at lunch, shopping online and even signing up to email alerts  that would tell me when new stock arrived.

Now, this was obviously all really frustrating - not least because I was struggling to come up with any alternative pressie ideas – but what really irritated me was how the large stores handled – or should I say revelled - in the situation.

When stock has come in, rather than selling the basic package – featuring the console and a game called Wii sports – for RRP of £179 – they’ve bumped them into bigger packages including more games and more controls. One even threw in a rival Pink PSP 3, which I knew my husband certainly wouldn’t appreciate. This obviously racks up the price and some of the deals have been going for more than £350.

The retailers say we’re actually being offered a good deal and saving a few quid by buying these packages. This may be the case, but only if you want all the accompaniments. For most people – myself included – it simply put its out of their budget. All these deals really do is provide stores with a great way of making a bit more money whilst shifting a bit of slow moving stock.

So did I fall for any of these deals? Fortunately my husband had a brain wave. His brother lives in France where they aren’t quite so popular so he’s picked us up one for around 250 euros – pretty much the RRP.

Let’s just hope now that I like it is as much my husband says I will, otherwise it could be a lonely Christmas for me…