Have your Mega Monday bargains arrived?

12 December 2013


Despite my best intentions, I splurged on Mega Monday. Bargains like 40% off everything in Gap were, quite frankly, too good to ignore. Or so I told myself…

In my defence, I wasn’t refreshing my own wardrobe – rather I saw it as a great opportunity to get some new kit for my two boys whose legs are growing at an alarming rate. Then there was a present for my husband too.

Unfortunately though it seems so many people took advantage of this fantastic offer that Gap is now struggling to cope with the demand.

Several days after I made my order I got an email from Gap warning me that it would take another one or two weeks to arrive. Then on 11 December I received another email informing me that it wouldn’t even meet this deadline and that I’d have to wait even longer for my order to arrive.

With the big day looming, this was a bit vague for my liking – I wasn’t so bothered about when my sons’ clothes would arrive, but it would be nice for my husband to get his gift before New Year.

I phoned Gap’s customer service line – based in the US, judging by the accents – and a very helpful, polite and apologetic call handler informed me that my order was guaranteed to arrive by 19 December.

In fairness to Gap – it has kept me informed and the service from its call centre was excellent. I now feel confident that my order will arrive before Christmas – and don’t feel tempted to rush out to buy an alternative gift – but nonetheless it will make me think twice about buying super-discounted Christmas presents in the future.

We’d love to hear about any other retailers you’ve come across that are also struggling to keep up with seasonal demand. Email us at editorial@moneywise.co.uk