Part 8-has everyone gone raving mad?

24 June 2008
OK,so we have seen this house we really like,and we think we want to buy it. 'Don't worry about the price' says estate agent woman'just put in an offer for what you think it's worth' So I did. 'But you aren't in a position to go forward' she says,'because you havent sold yours,so now he will look for other offers better than yours' SO,what happens if he gets a better offer? 'Oh,dont worry,he probably won't'So estate agent man comes round to take pics of mine. He is like David Dickinson meets Miami Vice. SCARY. Anyway,he is absolutely full of confidence. 'Oh yes a great property,wont have any problems shifting this!' SO,I want him too put it on the market at 195k.Im prepared to take £190. 'No problem,but we dont put a specific price now, we put a guide price.' EH? Yes we'll put this on as £169 to£195' But wont people think they can get it for £169? 'Yes,but you dont accept any offer unless its what you want!'Looking through the properties I am seeing this more and more. It doesnt seem to make any sense to me. What about your fees though,dont you charge a percentage? 'Oh no,we dont do that now, we charge you a fixed fee,that way you now upfront what the charges are. ' MMM that way it doesnt matter if you work hard for me or not,if you fight to get me the best price or not,you are still going to get a huge fee for taking a couple of photos and writing some bullshit about my house being'ripe for improvement'So,are the Estate Agents feeling the effects of the Credit Crunch? I think not!