Part 6

2 June 2008

Well, America,the land of opportunity,where the streets are paved with.... STOP!


In America ,it seems,everyone loves you when your on the up,and everyone kicks you when you are down. Mums come back in a state of shock. My Brother is in big trouble,partly through his own stupidity I will admit,but it seems that once you are down,the system does its best to keep you down,and if possible ,to crush you completely.As I told you before,he has got into debt,and his wife tried to commit suicide because she couldnt see a way out. While Mum was there,the Sheriff came round to arrest sister in law(for debt).Mum was in the house on her own,heard all this noise,peered out of the window,swarm of police shouting through loud hailers at her. She's leaning out of the bedroom window with her hands in the air going'don't shoot me Im British!'or words to that effect. She had to go and collect SIS from the state loony bin where she had been sent. She had been attacked by another inmate and slipped over in a puddle of wee. Anyway,Mum quickly realised she is quite sane and not loony at all. Then she had to go to the jail,give herself up and then Mum had to get a bail bond and get her out. The jail was dank and dark,smelt of cabbage,and the prisoners were really dressed in black and white striped outfits. Poor Mum, she said it was so surreal,because you have seen it in films and on the telly but you never thought it was actually like that really.

My brother has got sleep apnoea,and a heart defect and a shadow on his lung. He is supposed to be on various medication. SIS has an under active thyroid,a dodgy knee,and suffers a great deal of stomach trouble from the botched sterilisation op she had a few years ago that nearly killed her. She has also got strep throat,from where they intubated her,and a kidney infection from the catheter. So,not only is she depressed,she also feels like crap. Mum wanted her to go to the doctor about the infection,but it was going to cost $175 to see him.Instead they went to the ER,and got some antibiotics for $60.

If they were having all the medication they should be having,it would be $700 a month.My brother doesnt know what the shadow on his lung is,he cant afford to have any tests to find out.


The house they are renting is $1000 a month. It has lights that dont work and plug sockets hanging out of the walls. The lease ran out yesterday,so they have moved into a motel. It costs the same,but they dont have the other bills to worry about. At least its warm, dry and safe. The landlord of the house sent them a bill for $7000,for the inconvenience of not renewing the lease!

Now all they have to do is save up enough money to get the passports and the tickets and come home.....