part 4

9 May 2008

So the lady from Social Services-extremely posh,sounds like she went to private school-rings up to talk to me about our 'other options' as she put it. 'Have you considered moving to a more suitable house?' she says. Excuse me? The whole reason we are living in this house is because it is a bungalow,in the area we want to live,etc etc etc. You think we can just move to another house with all the desired criteria just so long as it has a shower room. The fact is this is the house that we chose together for a hundred and one reasons,long before Husband fell over one day and by a freak of fate smashed his hip into pieces. Another four inches and he would have smashed his skull on the fire place and I would now be a grieving widow!Although we hadn't considered such a thing before.and we were both upset by the suggestion,we heve looked around a bit.The trouble is,to get either the house we 'need',or to get something cheaper so we could afford to make the adaptations we are going to have to move to a very scummy area. Don't get me wrong,I am NOT a snob. I grew up on a council estate,and my Mum still lives in a council house. However,there are Council Estates and there are COUNCIL ESTATES. Now that most of the houses have been sold you dont always even realise that it is a council estate,but some of them are so  obviously COUNCIL ESTATES you can almost smell it!

The point is though,how much money is it going to cost us to move? Once you add up all the fees etc,its probably as much as it would cost to do the bathroom anyway.


One good thing happened this week . I heard at work that we are getting a bonus this month. We weren't sure if it was going to happen but they confirmed it yesterday. £800.That will cover the mortgage for another month......