Nights out are credit crunched

9 May 2008

It's hard trying to pinpoint the exact effect the credit crunch has had on me, but I think I've found it.

It's not that I've suddenly become panicked and have decided to move back in with my folks to save money. (To be honest, I'm not sure they'd have me, but that's a moot point.)

It's not that I've decided to attempt to take advantage of the wreckage and have thought about embarking on the property ladder.

It's not even that I'm completely ignoring the potentially catastrophic impact it could have on my (poorly run) finances and carrying on as normal. In fact, measures have been taken - making lunches at home (I'm no Gordon Ramsay, alas), no longer downloading frivolously from iTunes and generally just watching the pennies.

In fact, the effect the whole shi'bang has had on me is that no-one wants to do anything anymore.

Now, I'm not exactly furnished with millions of 'friends' on facebook (this, admitedly is more out of my own stubborness than anything else. And, if you're interested, the grand total is 87 at present), but I usually have - in normal economic conditions, at least - enough acquaintances to garner some company when I wish it. But... single friends have suddenly either become too prudent to share a few post-office beers or are stuck in a lettuce and cucumber diet to try out the new Mexican; coupled friends are all looking to buy a house and are all stuck in permanent open-mouthed horror at the possibility of spending money; married friends are all thinking about having kids (who calls a kid Happy?) or upsizing their homes and look at me with nigh on contempt when I suggest that we order some takeaway and get a film in

....and my dad's even stopped going to the football. That said, there's not been much entertainment at WHL since February.

Now, I grant you, it could be that they just don't want to see me. Which, now you mention it...

Anyway, I may be erring more toward the side of optimism, but folks - in the name of all things fun - can we please have a bit of realism.

If worse comes to worst it's my treat. Wait a at a time, I'm not made of money - there's a recession on you know....