New Year, New Servcies

6 January 2008
As a new user to, i would just like to add my 2 cents... I am currently serving in the Royal Navy and due to go away towards the end of the month for 8 whole long months. My wife and i have recently bought a new laptop after being without any form of computer for 18 months due to the pregnancy and birth of our son (who is now 1). We got rid of the study and made that into a nursery for our son and had no room for a pc and no time to use a laptop or pc once he was born. Now he is 1 and attending nursery full time, my wife and i started to look for broadband wireless deals without changing our phone line or sky tv to other companies to get a bundle. We sat down and went through a list of ISPs and got deals together. Wrote them all down and compared which one would be cheapest and best for us. After 2 days of calling and comapring we finally agreed to stay with our phone company but upgrade our phone package to a phone and wifi broadband package. we only pay £25.98 per month, that is £9.99 for 8mb, 40Gb download wireless broadband and 15.99 for the line rental including free anytime calls day or night to 01 and 02 numbers. we pay for 07, 08 and 09 numbers. AOL was more expensive than our phone company, yet if you are just looking around or moving into a new home, then i suggest you look around at various places as; like AOL; you can find deals like phone, wireless broadband, and free laptop or PS3 for no more than 29.99. or cable and sky do good deals, sky customers get tv (max tv subscription cost approx' £45) with phone and £10 broadband. So, if you are after a good wifi internet deal, look around and compare. make the wrong choice and you're tied into a contract for upto 24 months.