Nationwide Building Society equals poor customer service

11 July 2008

I am so glad of this opportunity to warn all moneywise users TO STEER CLEAR OF NATIONWIDE BUILDING SOCIETY!!

 I have been with the society for many years however since they merged with Portman the customer service has been non existant!

I attempted to transfer an ISA into Nationwide in March 2008 and still am waiting for my money to be made available in my account! I have received confirmation in April that the money was with them but they have still not funded my account with my money!

I have visited branches, rung call centres, spoken to managers, written to Nationwide and now written to Daily Mail as they were running a story on the poor service offered on ISA transfers.

After Nationwide branches have been unable to help, call centres have promised call back and they have never materialised and even managers who apologised for the poor level of service and agreed they did have my funds in May - and assured me of a call back have all failed me.

I would like to know what other companies are permitted to retain customers money in their accounts and not process it after 4 months have elapsed.  Any other company you would be taking them to the small claims court - but what hope have you got with this financial services!

I have today received another communication from nationwide confirming they have my monies but advising I need to fill out an application form to transfer the funds.  You might think this is a good step forward, but as I have already completed 2 application forms and provided these to Nationwide already, I feel it is just another delaying tactic to try and make it look like they are actually doing something!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take my advise and stay well clear of Nationwide.  The queues out of the doors of branches is a clear sign of the poor level of service provided, and if my experience is anything to go by, probably better to keep your money under the mattress.