Moving house at last!

21 February 2009

Well after 2.5 years trying to sell we have finally had an offer and after a bit of negotiating we have accepted.  The buyers want to move in quite quickly so we're planning to move into my parents temporarily while we find somewhere to buy.

We are in the process of sorting out a solicitor but haven't got a clue what else we need to do.  Should we wait until after the survey before we start anything else?  Its a good excuse to have a bit of a clear out so I guess I can get started on that! 

One of my other concerns is that I have a business which I run from home.  I have recently done a lot of advertising using several local magazines - The Leyland Leader, Mega-Mag and Village Pages - and I have taken out packages with them to run for several months.  The number I use is an 0845 tel no that I receive from Orange as part of my broadband package.  When I move does anyone know what happens to this number - is there anyway I can still keep it?  I have my website on all the adverts and I will be able to change my number on here but if people try the old number and get no reply will they think to check on the website?

Also if we are moving into my parents for a few months can I cancel and get refunds on home insurance, tv licence, etc?