Moneywise users save on average £252 by switching energy suppliers

12 September 2011
Since launching our Compare energy prices and switch providerslightly less than a month ago we are happy to say that those who have taken the time to switch will save on average £252 per annum (based on current usage and the new tarriff switched to).  One user will save more than £900 over the next year.
If a periodic review of your energy bills (and indeed other household bills and financial products) is not part of your financial habit, it’s something you might want to work on – in these times few of us can afford to overpay for these essential services.  We aim to offer you the tools you need to find the right financial products  – it’s up to you to take the time benefit from them.
Finally, if you haven’t reviewed your energy tarrifs this year, do so now... winter is coming.
Le Fras is product manager at