Money saving is the best hobby you can have!

9 May 2008

Well they tell me there is a credit crunch. I don't know where, but not in my house. Not to a great extent anyway. I get 2.45% more money than last year and inflation is easy double that. my standard of living has gone up. How? Easy. I WATCH WHAT I SPEND! I check my bank balance every day. I am always on the look out for a better savings accout or better current account. I only use a cash back credit card and pay off in full every month. I save 25% of my income every month. How? I take off my bills from what I earn and the rest is mine. If I want something I save for it. Old fashioned I know, but I only owe on my house. I overpay on that as well. It is better to pay off a 6% debt than save in an account that pays 6% gross interest. My wife and I earn 35k gross and have a 70k mortgage. We pay out 40% of income on direct debits and about another 20% on food. I drive a 7 year old car. It goes just as well as a new one.! I have a second job as does my wife. We live a good lifestyle and work hard but live by a simple mantra.

If you want it, save for it!

I don't watch reality tv, I spend the time on the net scouring for the best financial deals available. I use a site called topcashback. They pay me to shop. I got £130 back on my car insurance premium of £230! Money for a few clicks. I change bank accouns regularly. They pay you nothing for staaying with them so why do it? Nothing for loyalty.

If you want to know all the other tricks I use to save enough a year to pay for a family holiday, respond to blog!