Guaranteed delivery? Pigs will fly

20 June 2012

Did you do anything nice to celebrate Father’s Day? I had to hang my head in shame and apologise to my Dad for my card being a no-show.

I admit, I had been a bit busy the week before Father’s Day and left organising a card until the Friday before. But to make up for my tardiness, I logged onto Moonpig, personalised a card with a photo of my dad and I, and arranged for it to be sent by special delivery, guaranteeing it would arrive on the Saturday.

This cost me a whopping £10.83 but as I live in London and my Dad lives in South Wales, it was the only way of getting the card to him on time so when I saw the price, I took a sharp intake of breath, and entered my card details.

So when I discovered that the card hadn’t arrived, you can imagine my frustration. On Monday morning, I called Moonpig’s customer service team twice, only for my called to be answered by an automated voice informing me of the present “high volume of calls” and my call was ended twice. Sounds like my experience wasn’t a one-off and many other dads were missing cards from their nearest and dearest.

Eventually I did get through to the customer service manager, who was very apologetic and agreed to give me a full refund. However, I won’t be using the next-day special delivery service again.