Personal recommendations you can rely on

18 May 2009

This hasn’t been a good month for politicians. MP after MP has been publicly flogged by the country’s media after being exposed in one of the biggest expenses rows ever.

This follows revelations that Labour ministers and leading Tory and Lib Dem MPs, as well as backbenchers, have been spending taxpayers’ hard-earned money – using their second-home allowance as an excuse – on everything from loo seats and Sky Sports subscriptions to major home improvements.

There is now genuine concern that the public has completely lost faith in all politicians. Even MPs who have done nothing wrong have been reported to be considering resigning, so worried are they that they will be tarred with the same brush.

However, politicians are not the only ones who have lost the trust of the public. With the banking crisis, and with taxpayers having to bail out several banks while their managing directors continue to enjoy big payoffs, it’s little wonder that the vast majority of Brits haven’t got too many good words for financial services companies either.

To help restore your faith in the sector, Moneywise decided to conduct research into which companies you think treat customers fairly, offer the highest level of service and provide the best value for money. We were amazed at the response: over 10,000 of you replied, making this Britain’s largest dedicated survey of customer service in the financial sector.

The shortlist is now online - you can view it by clicking here.

The winners will be officially announced at the inaugural Moneywise Customer Service Awards 2009 on 25 June, and will be published in the August issue of Moneywise magazine, as well as online.

As this is one of the most comprehensive studies on trust in the financial services sector, we hope these awards will help you feel more confident about which companies you can rely on – and which to steer clear of.

After all, you’ve chosen the winners, and who can you trust if not yourself?