How I got more than £400 back from E.ON

7 November 2011

I recently received my quarterly energy statement from E.ON.

It advised me that my account was in credit to the tune of £130, it also indicated that it wanted to increase my monthly direct debit by £40, due to the increase in energy prices. I'd gone for a dual fuel direct debit discount several years ago so figured that i'd got a reasonable deal.

For once I decided to delve into the detail more than I often do, prompted by an unusually warm winter in East Anglia, which meant that my family and I had hardly used our tumble dryer.

It transpired that my meter hadn't been read for 12 months and all the charging has been based on ‘estimates of usage' that were influenced by one of the coldest winters on record.

I eventually found the triangular key that opens the door to my meter and discovered that my actual usage was well below the estimated levels. So instead of having an account in credit to the tune of £130 I had one that was £440 in credit.

E.ON kindly suggested that in that case it wouldn't need to raise the direct debit at all! Helpful, but I'd rather get a higher direct debit to get my money back. I told E.ON as much, and five days later it was back in my account.

There's a simple message here, read your meter! I'm now going to have a look at what switching could do for me.

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