Your shout: "Moneywise saved me over £150 on my LPAs"

22 October 2018

Each month we publish the best comments, emails and letters from our readers. Here are the best of September 2018.

Moneywise saved me over £150 on my LPAs

Thank you for the article (January 2018) about the refund scheme for individuals who have overpaid when taking out Lasting Power of Attorneys (LPAs).

On the phone (I don’t have a computer), lovely staff from the Office of the Public Guardian kindly took me through the process of claiming for my late husband and myself for four LPAs.

In due course, I received £154.46 including interest, which was a useful amount.

I’m so glad I gave up my girlie magazine and started subscribing to Moneywise.


Moneywise says: Thank you for letting us know about your refund. Anyone who applied to register an LPA from 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2017 may be entitled to a refund. For more information, contact or call 0300 456 0300.

Charities will miss out if copper coins are scrapped

Moneywise says: In a recent news story, we reported about inflation concerns if the Bank of England were to go ahead with the idea of scrapping 1p and 2p coins. Several readers have commented on this.

On the rare occasions that something is priced at 99p, customers invariably ask the assistant to pop the 1p into a charity box. Charities would lose out on quite a bit of revenue if small coins were to be abolished. Leave our coinage as it is. Who does this proposal help apart from shops being able to round everything up and banks that want to close branches all over the UK? The coins help small children to learn about money too –it’s never too early to learn the value of money.


I have noticed a new trend. Two of my local supermarkets are raising prices in anticipation of the loss of the 1p and 2p coins. They have moved their prices up to whole pounds where relevant or by 10p otherwise.


I’m all in agreement to rounding up the shopping bill to the next whole pound, but does the additional revenue have to go to the retailer? Why not donate it to charity? There are thousands of charities that receive no government funding at all and even those that do still struggle. Each retailer could have a charity of the month nominated by customers from a choice of local charities.


Every time ‘money’ is tampered with in any way – moving to the decimal system, euros being introduced, etc – the man in the street is always worse off. Leave it alone.


US airport lounges passes are worth the money

Moneywise says: We published a feature on airport lounges (August issue), questioning whether they are good value or a waste of money. One reader has some tips for those on a stopover in the US.

If you’re flying out of any airport in the US, it’s always worth checking if the airline lounges do ‘walk-ins’. I’ve discovered that some lounges are either are free or heavily discounted to holders of the airline’s own-branded credit cards. Some will also allow you a free walk-in if a transatlantic of transpacific flight is delayed but you have to go in and ask – the airlines don’t volunteer this information. I only found out by accident after they checked my boarding pass and saw my flight had been delayed by more than four hours, the fee was waived.

I got used to paying $35 to $45 (£26 to £34) for a walk-in lounge. In airports where a beer and a snack don’t get you much change out of $20 (£15), that’s a damn good deal. On one trip I had a five-hour layover in a major east coast hub, where $35 (£26) got me a selection of pretty good snack food with a fully stocked bar and free wi-fi. The best bit was it got me out of the main departure area, which was like a zoo.


Why ‘hand luggage’ needs to be in the hold

Moneywise says: We recently reported that Ryanair will start charging passengers for bringing small suitcases into the cabin. Two readers have their say:

I have to wonder about some people’s ideas about ‘hand luggage’. If it’s so heavy that the bag needs wheels, then it probably shouldn’t be called hand luggage. Am I surprised about Ryanair’s tactics? Of course not.


I think all luggage should be placed in the hold. The number of large suitcases people try to get into overhead racks is frightening and I had a good coat ruined by dirt from a suitcase wheels. One small bag on board is adequate.