The Credit Crunch and me,part 2

30 April 2008

Anyway,so I've got indoors and turned the lights on(£60 a month),checked the answerphone(another£60) and flicked the telly on (£12).Nothing on the TV,glance at the radio times(£4),nothing worth watching all evening. Turn the computer on. E-mails for viagra and loans.Look in the fridge for something to eat. Not much there. Bread£1.50 for a loaf.£1.50! I feel like an old person when I go shopping. I really can remember when £1.50 was a lot of money and you could feed a family of 10 for a week! (slight exagerration but you know what I mean) 

I suppose I could go out but petrol is so expensive. It costs me £50 a week,and that is just to go to work and back. Go to the pub? I think not. Have you seen the price of drink? I went past a pub the other day that had a sign saying ',£2 a pint' like that was a good thing . Anyway, if we went to a pub,and the beer really was £2 a pint,thats £4 for a round,so even of we stayed for 2 rounds thats £8,which quite frankly is not even enough to pay the water bill each month. I can get fresh tap water out of my tap at home for the sum of £10 a month.The downside is I have to pay a different company £21 a month to take away my wastewater. Why is that? Surely there is less waste than fresh?I asked the Water Company why it was more expensive and the man on the phone said 'because its heavier'.An interesting answer,but not one that makes sense.

So far then I've spent another £363,and I haven't done anything yet. I haven't had any dinner yet either. Oh,and I only counted the petrol. I didn,t count the cost of owning and running the car. £105 a month finance payment.£30.00 a month for car Insurance £15 a month approximately for the car tax. Then I suppose I have to keep some by for MOT and servicing so in an ideal world I'd put aside about £30 but the reality is I cant,so if anything goes wrong I have to put it on the credit card(real cost therefore enormous) Anyway.lets call that £180 a month. So,where does that leave us

180+363+820(From previous blog)=1363 Now ,remember my takehome pay is £1750,so I have £387 left to do everything else.

Oh I forgot,there is Husbands money. He gets Disability Living Allowance. That is because he has Diabetes,kidney failure ,partial amputation,a broken hip,and a few other things wrong . He gets a car through the Mobility scheme,which is a good thing,and at the moment he is well enough to drive himself to Dialysis 3 times a week,although he sometimes needs someone to go with him to clinics and so on. Luckily my Mum lives nearby and can sometimes go ,as she is semi-retired.I dont know what we will do when he gets too ill to manage-eventually I will have to stop working to nurse him.

Anyway, he gets £260 a month for his personal care. I have to do just about everything for him,change dressings,bath him,dress him. he can do some things himself but only with great difficulty. I sometimes have to get up in the night to help him too.

So,we have £650 approximately to pay for:-house insurance,mortgage insurance,clothes,credit card bills,Husbands petrol,Christmas and Birthday presents,holidays,toiletries,home improvements,pet food,vets bills,entertainment.

Oh yes I knew there was something else. I also have to buy groceries out of this money. I know that you can eat cheaply if you have the time to shop around ,haunting the supermarket reduced racks etc,but I am working full time. We also dont live that close to any of the big,big supermarkets where you often can get reduced bargains,or near enough to any of the Aldi/Lidl stores where you can apparently get great bargains. Bear in mind too that Husband is not a well man and really should eat well and to a quite strict regime involving fresh fruit and veg,red meat etc and you see how things are. I have thought about getting a second job,but I dont have the strength.

 Anyone got any ideas where I can find some extra money? Just enough so we can have a normal life ?