The Credit Crunch and me part 7

7 June 2008

Well,my 'fabulous'mortgage deal is about to expire,so I got my Broker to sort me out a new one . He is a great bloke,I totally trust him AND he only charges me £50 ,no matter how much I mess him about !

Anyway,the absolute best deal he could find for me,ie who would be daft enough to lend me money I clearly cant afford,was an extra £90 a month. Thats the Credit Crunch right there!He rang me last night and said he'd had to put the application in without my ID documents because the rates are changing on Sunday,so he needed to get it in now ,otherwise it will be even more money.

 When he told me how much it was going to be,I nearly choked. He said he has been having a lot of conversations like that recently.My Mortgage is one of the smallest he has(We live in an expensive area),so most of them are twice that and more. It is very scary.


The good news is that I have paid off more than I thought I had so at least I know there is a little bit more equity in there at the end of it all !