Credit Crunch!!!

28 April 2008

Its not just the cedit crunch that is affecting me, it s the economy in general.  With petrol prices going through the roof and the knock-on effect that has on everyday items such as food and energy in the home, I am feeling the pinch like everyone else.

Recently sold the family luxury 4X4 for a smaller more economical car, which in reflection was a good idea as it would cost in excess of £80 to fill it up and the car tax rate is soaring!  Also, as we are expecting another child, we had the choice to move to extend.  In the end we decided to extend, as moving involved spending lots of "dead" money on Stamp Duty, Estate Agents, Solcitors, Removals etc.  In then end we can avoid these costs and increase the mortgage and achieve the same result, larger family house, still in the ideal location!

Managed to get a good deal on the additional loan to cover the extension, but the main mortgage expires in November and looking around, similar deals will be hard to come by!  And the fee's are just getting out of hand, £999 for an application fee.... crazy!

Fuel bill's, shopping, diesel everything's on the up!  Everything apart from my salary that is!