Credit Crunch

8 May 2008

The credit crunch has already hit me. I wasn't expecting it although I should always be on my guard as a contractor. However in my role in this company, there was no one else doing it and it needed it to be done, I felt confident that my contract would be renewed. You see where this is going by just how I am writing this don't you?? Normally as a contractor, I try to find temporary and as cheap as possible accommodations so I can cut and run. I had already been in the job for 4 months and I had gotten tired of crashing on colleague's couches. Yet every where I looked I couldn't find accommodations that were cheap or if they were cheap, they were plain just disgusting and I couldn't live there. I had stayed at one room for a month in a shared environment but everyone knew each other there and I felt like the outsider. I thought that the place was only good for one month as the person I rented it from told me she was returning. When it was time to leave, all of sudden, her roommates were showing the room to other people. They never bothered to ask if I wanted to stay on. If only they had, then I wouldn't have continued my search for better accommodations, I wouldn't have broken down and finally go for a place much higher than my planned budget, and requiring a minimum of a 6 month lease.

Then there was the work environment. The mergers that were going on and on. Tell tale signs but somehow I believed that I wouldn't be a target. Then the air shifted, I could smell it, it was just barely perceptible. All of a sudden my colleague was interested in my work when I had previously tried to get her to help me with my workload. The supervisor stopped asking me to do anything. Then he called me in to a room for the long awaited meeting. I was hoping it would mean we could come up with a game plan on how to proceed because he had been so busy with the integration and I felt out of the loop. Then the words came out of his mouth, "Regretfully, .." he began and I already knew what would the rest of the words means. I wasn't so upset or dissappointed but just felt like I had let myself get caught up so flat footed

I had even just joined a gym, thinking I couldn't put off exercise any longer. It was the worst possible scenario that could have happened. The place I had just committed living in, was not affordable if I wasn't working. I couldn't believe it. I had just shot myself in the foot,

I was a clear casualty of the credit crisis. And it had a domino effect. I now can't afford my accommodation so the agency won't get paid. Does that mean it won't pay for its obligations as well. When I moved out about half of the building had moved out too. Mostly students who had finished up theit term but the timing of their school year end coincided with my bad luck and the landlord's bad luck.