How I'm saving on my heating bills

29 November 2010

Another week, another energy company announces hikes in gas and electricity prices. Only last week did ScottishPower (incidentally, my utility provider) enter the fray alongside Scottish & Southern Energy and British Gas to say it too was raising prices.

It’s only a matter of time before every energy company in the UK announces price hikes, and ALL our bills go through the roof. BUT, like the canny graduate I am, I’m surviving these burgeoning bills by not turning my heating on at all.

The reason is my rather ugly-looking flat. I live on the third-floor of an ex-local authority property, which, while it doesn’t look too attractive from the outside (the green Islington Council signs don’t do it any favours) from the inside, it’s like a little oven.

Thankfully, ex-LA properties are sturdy and well-built, and designed to be space and energy efficient. The two flats directly underneath me have had their heating on since September (I know, energy wasters), and as we all know, heat rises. So indirectly, our flat benefits from rather toasty under-floor heating – like in the Roman times.

Even during the ‘cold snap’ over the past few days me and my flatmates have been padding around in t-shirts and no socks. We can even manage to get up in the morning without shivering. It’s all a bit of a novelty, really. When it has been a little chilly, we’ve just all wrapped up in extra jumpers and slippers. It’s environmentally-friendly and for four recent graduates, it keeps the bills down.

I’m guessing we can’t keep it up much longer, especially with the ‘coldest November ever’ threatening to rattle on our door any day now. When we can see our breath indoors, that’s when we’ll turn up the thermostat. But until then, it’s blankets, a hot water bottle and more money to spend.