Bank Charges

29 November 2009


Bank charges - I understand that the banks have won the final (but not the last) stage in the Supreme Court. This is quite surprising as there has already been apparantly, a £560 million payout and a number of banks (including some catalogues/store cards) have reduced their fees to £12…. It seemed to me that this only led to one conclusion (considering the huge media attention). How can they go back to their former position or remain where they are ?…. (bearing in mind the time that has already been spent on this by the customer and themselves on administration among other demands). The argument to me made a lot of sense and was straightforward and coherent, or else they wouldn’t have followed it in the first place….


I have had a number of successful refunds and am still waiting for one more outcome (this is a first claim). I have kept a track of this in the news.