Premium Bonds May 2020: have you won a prize?

1 May 2020

Find out if you are one of the lucky Premium Bond savers in May's prize draw


Two lucky customers of National Savings & Investments (NS&) Premium Bonds have won the jackpot of £1 million in this month's prize draw. 

The first millionaire is a Londoner, with the winning bond number of 344ZE146007 and he has the maximum Premium Bond holding of £50,000. 

He bought the lucky bond in November 2018 and is the fifth Premium Bond millionaire from inner London. 

This month's second millionaire is a woman based in Gloucestershire. Her winning bond number, 366AP817645, was purchased in August 2019. 

She is the seventh jackpot winner from the county and has £34,000 invested in the deals.

For the May prize draw a total of 3,578,134 prizes will be paid out.  

Value of prize Number of prizes
£1,000,000 2
£100,000 6
£50,000 13
£25,000 25
£10,000 62
£5,000 124
£1,000 2,044
£500 6,132
£100 28,068
£50 28,068
£25 3,513,590

How to claim a Premium Bonds prize

You can check to see if you have won a Premium Bonds prize from 2 May 2020 on the NS&I website or via its Prize Checker app.

More recently NS&I has introduced text and email notifications which you can sign up to as well. 

You can also arrange for any Premium Bonds prizes to be paid directly into your bank account. 

All you need to do is log into your NS&I account online, go to 'your profile' and select 'your prize options.'

How to track down lost Premium Bonds

Currently, there are more than 1.7 million Premiums Bonds prizes worth more than £65 million that are still waiting to be claimed. 

If you think you have an unclaimed Premium Bond prize, you can use NS&I’s tracing service or the My Lost Account website to help you track them down.

You will need to provide details such as your full name, address, an estimate of how many Premium Bonds you hold and how long you have had them.

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