Revealed: cheapest and most expensive areas for utility bills

31 March 2020

Find out how your utility bills compare to the rest of the UK


London is the cheapest area in the UK for utility bills, new data from Save on Energy has revealed.

The energy experts analysed over 18 million energy performance certificates to find the 10 cheapest and most expensive areas for energy bills.

Households in the capital pay roughly £775 in total for utilities a year.

Dartford, in the southeast, is the second-cheapest area for utilities, with households paying £782 each year.

Following closely behind, Milton Keynes, where the average annual utility bill totals £784, is the third cheapest area.  

By contrast, Dumfries and Galloway is the most expensive area for utilities.

Residents pay an average of £2,416 each year. The Welsh town of Llandrindod Wells is the second most expensive area, with homes paying an average of £1,311 for utilities.

Households in Galashiels have the third most expensive energy bills in the country. The average home in the area pays £1,181 each year.

The map below shows a full list of the top 10 cheapest and most expensive areas for utility bills.


How to cut the cost of your utility bill

Households could slash hundreds of pounds off of their utility bills each year by becoming more energy efficient.

Switching from regular light bulbs to LED versions, for example, uses an average of 20% to 80% less energy per year.

Linda Dodge, an energy expert from SaveOnEnergy, says: “There are many simple and cost-effective ways people can save on their bills such as buying a heated airer instead of using a tumble dryer, which saves 50% more energy.

"Households could also try using a 24-hour plug timer which sets limits on everyday electricals like TVs and lamps. This can help cut electricity bills as it limits the times these outlets can be used.”

Implementing measures such as these could save residents in Dumfries and Galloway, £1,296 while homes in Llandrindod Wells could save £430.

The table below shows how much extra money the cheapest and most expensive areas for utility bills could save by becoming more energy efficient.

Area Energy Saving
Dumfries and Galloway £1,296
Llandrinod Wells £430
Galashiels £369
Shrewsbury £369
Bradford £357
Carlisle £355
Llandudno £350
Halifax £343
Hereford £339
Harrogate £302
Bristol £229
Luton £229
Portsmouth £227
Dartford £215
Southampton £213
Rochester £212
Stevenage £210
Manchester £209
London £207
Milton Keynes £188

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