Premium Bonds February 2020: did you win the jackpot?

3 February 2020

February’s Premium Bonds winners have been revealed, find out if you’ve scooped the £1m jackpot.


February’s Premium Bonds winners have been revealed, find out if you’ve scooped the £1m jackpot.

Two lucky Premium Bondholders scooped the £1m jackpot prize in February’s draw.

ERNIE’s first jackpot draw - 350ZA848545 - belongs to a woman living in Nottingham who only purchased her winning Bond just last year in January 2019.

She holds a total of £37,575 in premium bonds and becomes the seventh jackpot millionaire in Nottingham.

This month’s second millionaire is a man from Surrey who purchased his winning Bond in October 2002. The winning Bond number 050RE855967 is part of a total holding of £4,014.

He is the 24th jackpot winner from the county.

Over 3.48 million prizes worth £99,580,850 were awarded this month. The winnings ranged between £25 and £1m.

Over one million unclaimed prizes

There are more than 1.7 million prizes worth over £64 million still waiting to be claimed by Premium Bonds prize winners.

In Nottingham there are 12,437 unclaimed prizes worth £455,900.

There are six unclaimed prizes worth £1,000 won between August 1985 and August 2014.

The oldest unclaimed prize in Nottingham is £25 and was drawn in June 1964, with a total holding of £1. The winning Bond number is AK712860.

There are 46,761 unclaimed prizes in Surrey with a total value of £1,676,600.

The highest value unclaimed prize in the area is £10,000 and there are two such unclaimed prizes.

The first was drawn in March 2014 with Bond number 22KZ175159. The second was drawn in March 2018 and the winning Bond was 5JT290436.

The oldest unclaimed prize in the county is £25 and dates back to September 1963, with a total holding of £1 and the winning Bond number of 1AS033592.

How to check if you have an unclaimed prize

If you think you have an unclaimed Premium Bond prize, you can use NS&I’s tracing service or the My Lost Account website to help you track them down.

You’ll need to provide details such as your full name, address and an estimate of how many Premium Bonds you hold and how long you’ve had them.



Stopped winning when new draw machine came in

After the new ERNIE started drawing, my wins dried up (25k holding). I used to win most months. Now twice in the past 8 months only and just the minimum prize.

Non winners on premium bonds

Can anyone beat this, not a single penny in prize money, since my parents purchased them in 1958, that’s over sixty years, it’s not a fair draw when new numbers get priority, I’ve also got some from 1970, and 1977 with the same outcome, I don’t think my numbers exist, should be a public enquiry.

Just 6 prizes of £25 a year never never more

Totally sick of seeing those with far less PBs and ones that were only bought very recently always win the big prizes ...i have had 37k since 2007 and never won more than £25 prizes and never more than 6 in a year plus despite reinvesting all prizes not one of the £25 prizes has ever won a prize

Its a total scam

Cashed in my bonds when they changed the prizes

15 years ago I purchased the then max holding of £25K and like the previous comment I won every month and sometimes twice,then when they changed the prize structure I hardly won so I too cashed mine in !!!

Premium bonds

Mum had premium bonds she died 4 yrs ago how to I find out what happened to them

In reply to by Susanne (not verified)

Hi Susanne, I'm terribly…

Hi Susanne, I'm terribly sorry to hear that. NS&I can help you recover the Premium Bonds via their website or you can give them a call on 08085 007 007. 




I have several thousand premium bonds purchased 20 years ago, I've won on £25. I don't know anyone who has won big however, I do know 7 personally people that have won large amounts with the lottery. I did complain about this and low and behold I won my first and only £25 after 2 months I think its fixed. There are billions of premium bonds and so few large prizes.

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