Premium Bonds January 2020: are you a winner?

3 January 2020

The first Premium Bond winners of the decade have been announced


Two lucky Premium Bond holders have won the first £1m jackpot prizes of the decade.

The first number randomly selected by ERNIE was 244DT242763, which belongs to a man living in Hertfordshire who purchased his winning Bond in April 2015.

He has a total holding of £40,000 in Premium Bonds and becomes the tenth jackpot millionaire from the county.

January’s second jackpot recipient is a woman from Cheshire East with the winning Bond number of 278CW859665.

She bought the winning Bond back in August 2016 and holds the maximum amount allowed in Premium Bonds with a total holding of £50,000.

She becomes the ninth winner in the Cheshire East area to be visited by Agent Million

The winners were visited by Agent Million, on New Year’s Day to receive the good news.

In the January prize draw, a total of 3,471,112 prizes worth £99,215,975 will be paid out.

Since the first draw in June 1957, ERNIE has drawn 466 million prizes with a total value of £20.1 billion.

The table below shows the January 2020 Premium Bonds prize breakdown.

Value of prize Number of prizes
£1,000,000 2
£100,000 6
£50,000 12
£25,000 23
£10,000 59
£5,000 119
£1,000 1,984
£500 5,952
£100 27,221
£50 27,221
£25 3,408,513

Unclaimed Premium Bond Prizes

There are now more than 1.7 million prizes worth over £64 million still waiting to be claimed by Premium Bonds holders.

In Hertfordshire, for example, there are 38,407 unclaimed prizes worth over £1,366,000.

The highest value unclaimed prize is worth £10,000, won in December 2017 with Bond number 148LB252543.

In Cheshire East, a total of 9,094 prizes worth £322,875 have been unclaimed.

The highest prize waiting to be claimed in the area is £1,000.

You can check your Premium bonds and whether you’ve one on the NS&I website, via the Prize Checker app on iOS and Android or through an Alexa-enabled device.

Premium Bond holders can also opt to have winnings paid directly into their bank or building society account, to make certain that their prizes are always claimed.


family bonds

I bought my son Paul a bond in 1979 but have change home 3 times since and my daughter Stacey 1980 but have lost the bond slips is there any way I can check these to receive another

In reply to by peter mc william (not verified)

Hi Peter it might be worth…

Hi Peter it might be worth trying the NS&I tracing service or the My Lost Account website. Both sites can help you track down lost Premium Bonds. 

I’ve lost my premium bonds

I’ve lost my premium bonds the first address I know how to I get replacements is that possible

premium bonds

ive had a couple of premium bonds for over sixty years not a penny in prizes, now that's a bad deal

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