Five things to do with your unwanted Christmas presents

27 December 2019

Around £5bn will be spent on unwanted Christmas presents, so here are some ideas for what to do with gifts you didn't want to get


Half of us will receive at least one gift we don't want for Christmas this year, according to new data from Finder. 

But instead of letting them gather dust at the back of a cupboard, why not turn them into new found treasure?

We’ve rounded up five easy ways to make the most of your unwanted Christmas presents.

1) Exchange or return it

To exchange your present for something more suitable, you’ll need a receipt as proof of purchase.

Check to see if the buyer left a gift receipt with your present which you can use.

Otherwise, you’ll have to ask them directly if they wouldn’t mind taking it back to the shop on your behalf.

If the item was purchased online, then it’s up to the buyer to send it back to the retailer so it can be exchanged for something else or they can get a refund.

2) Sell it

There are a few options available if you’d like to try your hand at selling your unwanted Christmas present.

Online marketplaces such as eBay are a popular way of selling items. Be wary of seller fees though, which could eat into your overall profit.

Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace allow you to list and sell your items for free, but often require you to meet the buyer and make the sale in person.

You could also try listing your item on local websites or social media too.

3) Rent it out

Renting out your unwanted Christmas gift offers a nice alternative to selling it.

Websites like Fat Lama, borroclub and RentNotBuy allow you to set the rental price for your item and how long you’d like to rent it out for.

Items rented out on these sites include anything from clothes, bikes and cameras to games consoles, DJ equipment and power tools.

4) Re-gift it

Re-gifting your Christmas present is a great way to pass it on to someone that its more suited too.

As well as giving the gift another chance of making someone happy, you’ll also save money on buying presents too.

5) Donate it

Donating you’re your Christmas present can help you spread joy over the festive season and beyond.

If you donate your present to a charity shop, you can increase the value of your gift by claiming Gift Aid.

Gift Aid is a form of tax relief that allows charities to claim an additional 25p for every £1 donation at no extra cost.

Usually, Gift Aid doesn’t apply to items, however, if you ask the charity shop to sell the items on your behalf, they can apply it to the proceeds of the sale.

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