Morrisons customers slam supermarket after seeing their loyalty card points vanish

21 November 2019

Shoppers have complained about the security of the supermarket’s reward scheme and the lack of customer support


Morrisons customers are up in arms after seeing hundreds of pounds worth of points disappear from their loyalty card accounts.

The Morrisons More loyalty scheme is free to sign up to and gives you five points for every £1 spent in-store, online or at one of its cafes. You also get five points when you buy a litre of fuel at Morrisons and 25 points for every £1 spent on gift cards.

Shoppers have been left fuming after saving up their points all year for their Christmas shop only to see them vanish with some threatening to boycott the supermarket.

One frustrated customer wrote on twitter: “I have to say I am very disappointed and angered at the way your customer services dealt with my complaint. I have been a victim of fraud and £50 [in] points has been taken out of my account right before Christmas.”

Customers have complained about the security of the supermarket’s reward scheme and the lack of customer support.

Another unhappy customer wrote on Facebook: “£60 of points gone missing here too. Shocked and saddened by appalling attitude to customer services.

“After changing my password to my more account, a week later I can still access the app without logging back in. How many customers does this need to happen to until Morrisons does something to improve their security?”

Several customers have claimed on social media that their accounts have been hacked after seeing their points being spent in other parts of the country.

One customer says: “So, I’ve had £50 of vouchers taken from my Morrisons More account...And spent in their Hunslet store in Leeds!! Wouldn’t mind but I’ve never even been there Emailed and called them and they won’t refund me so I’ve essentially lost £50! Swapping to ASDA now.”

Another says: "My points were stolen too...the points were used hundreds of miles away...and like everyone else they took no responsibility for it."


Why has this happened?

Morrisons says that it has not suffered a data breach and that the problem has occurred because customers use the same usernames and passwords across different sites.

A Morrisons spokesperson says: "Online hackers target people who use the same username and password across multiple sites.

“We regularly remind our customers about the importance of using a unique password. We take online security very seriously and our customer data has not been breached."

What can you do?

Make sure you change the passwords on all your accounts. Be sure to use a strong password that is unique and contains letters, numbers and symbols. Morrisons has not said how many customers have been affected or what you can do to get your points refunded.

You can contact Morrisons by phone on 0345 322 0000 or you can email

If you are worried that your email has been compromised you can check on the website


Doesn't recognize my card

After spending loads at Morrisons surprise surprise the online system doesn't recognize my card number so apparently years of spending and points accrued up in smoke. Won't cross Morrisons doors again.

Why did morrisons take new customers and not look after long cus

Why not look after loyal customers,some are disabled as i,and relie on your deliverys,i feel many will look eles where,

Vouchers not excepted

I received 4 vouchers worth 2250 pints for each one the where used On the dates which was on the vouchers the last one was scan today it was reject last week my points where not add to my card in order to receive the points you must spend £30.00 or more each week also you We’re suppose to be given extra point for using all of the vouchers

Points gone missing

Reached 5000 points expecting £5 on my next shop and
was told my points have been used.

My more card has also failed to be recognised.

After many years of use when I tried to enter my card details on line they were not recognised and to make matters worse after two successful deliveries to my address during lock down, the website now states they do not yet deliver to my postcode. I tried to ring them and waited for over 30 minites for a response only for the gentleman who eventually answered apparently not being able to hear me and quickly hanging up. Non of Morrisons online help is relevant to either problem! Help!

Morrison points

I am locked in as I'll at this present time.People got shopping for me and I have over 3 HUNDRED pounds to go on my points card.As I cannot get thro on phone so how can I put these points on ?
Regards.J.w. Butcher.


I missed out giving my card when I purchased £38.58 worth of Groceries at their Weymouth Store, when telling the Teller that, she kindly pointed me to the information desk, situated in the Cigarette Counter.

I duly presented myself and was told that unfortunately due to Codiv-19 they could not help, but to ring up customer support, where on this site do I get the Phone Number?

Disappointed? YES!!!

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