Deal of the week: Royal Mint releases Christmas gold bar for £65

13 November 2019

If you are looking for a gift this Christmas, the Royal Mint has released a new gold bar


If you are looking to splash out on something different this festive season, the Royal Mint has released its new Christmas gold bar for £65.

It contains 1g of 999.9 fine gold and comes in Christmas-themed packaging. There is free delivery in the UK.

Why should I care?

The price of gold has risen by over 12% to $1,455 this year as investors have sought shelter for their cash from the stormy markets.

Gold also retains its value in times of financial uncertainty, which means it can be a smart investment.

Myron Jobson, personal finance campaigner at Moneywise’s parent company interactive investor, says: “The attraction to gold is simple. While bonds perform badly in a high interest rate environment and the price of equities can fall amid economic woes, gold boasts a long track record of maintaining its value.

“Gold is scarce and more can’t be produced at will. This is why the metal tends to maintain its value over time.”

The current spot price of gold is £36.17 per gram (18 November 2019), which is lower than the deal from the Royal Mint.

While not the cheapest way to buy gold, some people might be attracted to the offer as a Christmas gift.

Other ways of owning gold

You can buy coins and bullion bars, either to hold yourself or to be held by a dealer. You can also invest in shares of gold mining companies or funds and investment trusts that specialise in this sector.

One of the easiest ways and cheapest ways to invest in gold is through an exchange traded commodity (ETC) that tracks the price of gold.

Myron adds:  "We recommend the iShares Physical Gold ETC which aims to track the spot price of gold. With ongoing charges of 0.25%, it is an easy, flexible and cheap way to invest in the asset. 

“Unlike many commodity funds, iShares Physical Gold ETC buys gold bullion instead of gaining exposure to the metal by buying derivatives, financial contracts that are derived from the asset but have no direct value in and of themselves. The gold bars allocated in this ETC for investors are held in a separate account in JP Morgan Chase Bank’s vaults."

Where can I find out more?

You can find out more on the Royal Mint website


1 gram gold bar for £65 from Royal mint

How can that be Deal of the week,? when a gram of gold is worth about £36

Deal of the Week?

At £65 per gram that's nearly twice the market price of gold. How can that be the deal of the week?


The old adage in the city is,"Buy gold and hope that its price goes down". That is because it is a safe bet when equities go down. At the moment, that is what it looks like, hence the resurgence in buying gold. Then, if the gold price does not take off, your equities will be holding up. So, I believe it is worth having up to 10% of your portfolio in gold (and hope its price does not go up.)

Gold bars

What is the weight please of the R.Ms gold bar offer? You wa quote the dollar price per ounce ...

IShares Physical Gold ETC

Says this is a good way to invest in gold, but at over £2200 per share who can afford it?

Royal Mint gold bars

This is the deal of the week?
But 1g of gold is only worth £40 so why pay £65 ?

Royal Mint Gold - Deal of the Week

"Deal" of the Week?
May be, if you're including bad deals!!

The current (16/11 @ 12 noon) price of gold (in grams) is about £36.55/g.

Would I be buying Royal Mint 1g bars at £65? I think not!!!


There's nothing smart in this article.

At £65 for a 1 gram bar of gold the Royal Mint will certainly have a golden Christmas...

Deal of the week???

How is this article titled 'deal of the week' when the cost of this 1gm bar of gold is £65 and the actual spot price of gold is Appx £36 a gram. A total rip off!!!!

Gold ....

So the price of gold is $1,455 per ounce, and therefore 1g is worth around $51 or <£40, and you're effectively promoting it as a 'deal-of-the-week' for £65 ?

Christmas gift

The current spot price of gold is £36.17 per gram (18 November 2019), which is lower than the deal from the Royal Mint.

While not the cheapest way to buy gold, some people might be attracted to the offer as a Christmas gift.

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Gold Investment

How can I Purchase a gold bar?

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Buying Gold Bars

To buy one of these gold bars, either visit  The Royal Mint's website or call The Royal Mint on 0345 600 5014.

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