Enter the Student Investor challenge and win a trip to New York

17 October 2019

Wannabe student stock traders can test their maths and economics knowledge against schools around the country


This week marks the launch of The London Institute of Banking and Finance’s annual Student Investor Challenge.

Last year, over 37,000 students from schools around the country took part in the competition which sees them trading virtual shares for a chance to compete at the live final in London.

The top 500 teams – those that make the most profit in phase one – progress to the semi-final to compete for a place in the live final.

There are some exciting prizes to be won, including a trip to New York for the winners. There will even be a trip to the New York Stock Exchange which is not usually open to the public.

Catherine Winter, head of financial capability at The London Institute of Banking and Finance, says: “The Student Investor Challenge is a fantastic competition, not only helping young people develop a range of skills that will stand them in good stead for life but also helping them put theories learned in school into real context.

“It helps young people put their maths and economics knowledge to work, engage with the finance sector and understand more about how it works. It also improves financial capability and helps them to develop important soft skills such as teamwork and communication. And it’s fun of course.”

What is the Student Investor Challenge?

The Student Investor Challenge is designed for students aged 14-19. It is free to enter and is open to schools in the UK and internationally.

Teams from schools around the UK compete against each other by trading two virtual portfolios worth £100,000 over a four-month period.

Each month, the team with the most improved active investor portfolio will be rewarded with a prize (maximum one award per group).

Trading is just like real life with feeds from Bloomberg and the real costs of trading included.

In the final, teams undertake more trading challenges and deliver a presentation to a panel of financial experts to demonstrate their knowledge of investing and macro-economics, and how they could be applied to individuals with different investment objectives.

When is it?

The first phase of the competition will run until 24 January 2020. The top 500 teams will progress to the semi-finals which take place from 17 February to 13 March 2020.

The top eight teams will compete in the live finals in April and May.

Registration closes on 15 November. Schools can enter multiple teams, with each team made up of four students.

The competition is free to enter and doesn’t require classroom time.

For more information on the Student Investor Challenge, please visit studentinvestor.org or follow @StudentsInvest on Twitter.

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