State pension age should rise to 75, Tory think tank report says

19 August 2019

The report claims raising the state pension age would boost the economy and improve the health of older workers


The state pension age should be raised to 75 within the next 16 years to help boost the economy, according to a Conservative think tank.

The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), headed by former Conservative party leader Iain Duncan Smith, has proposed the state pension age should rise to 70 by 2028 and 75 by 2035.

The influential think-tank says today’s older people are healthier than ever before and living longer.

It argues the UK is “not responding to the needs and potential of an ageing workforce”, with millions of people over 50 seen as “economically inactive”.

It says an ageing society presents significant challenges to the UK economy with greater demand for public services and increasing state pension costs raising questions about the “sustainability of our social security system.”

The Ageing Confidently: Supporting an ageing workforce report recommends helping older people to access the benefits of work through flexible working and increased access to training opportunities.

The current state pension age is due to increase to 67 by 2028 and to 68 by 2039.

The CSJ says that faster increases in pension age would reduce benefits costs and help boost the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP).

The think tank says: “Removing barriers for older people to remain in work has the potential to contribute greatly to the health of individuals and the affordability of public services.

“Therefore, this paper argues for significant improvements in the support for older workers.

"This includes improved healthcare support, increased access to flexible working, better opportunities for training, an employer-led ‘Mid-life MOT’ and the implementation of an ‘Age Confident’ scheme.”

Baroness Altmann, the Conservative peer and former pensions minister, was deeply critical of the proposals.

She tweeted: “This would be an utter disgrace. It must not happen. The concept of pension age is out of date and makes no allowance for those who can’t keep working.”

Andy Cook, chief executive of the CSJ, says: “Right now, we are not doing enough to help older people stay in work and the state pension age doesn’t even closely reflect healthy working life expectancy.

“By increasing the state pension age, we can help people stay in gainful and life-enhancing employment while also making a sound long-term financial decision.”

A Department for Work and Pensions spokesperson says: “Everyone’s state pension age is unique to them and in 2017 we raised the future retirement age to 68 so that it is sustainable now and for future generations. We’re creating opportunities for people of all generations with record employment.”


Pensions etc

It makes you wonder where the politicians get these stupid ideas from, what annoys me is, that they get paid for it, if that’s all they have to do, get sack them. We want a good sort out of who and how this country is run, also get rid of the lords and peers, the hanger on Sociaty.

Pension Age Increase

This is all very well for people who are fit enough to work until they are 70 or 75. It makes no allowance for those who suffer ill health and are unable to work. Where does their income come from in that scenario?

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I agree with you I am 58 and have I’ll health. I am not in any position to return to work ever again. The thought of going longer for my pension really is not fair. I have already had my pension delayed and from 60 to 65 then 66 and now 67. I do feel the burden should fall on the youngsters as they don’t start work until they 20. This age group either go to university or some training based work.

state pensions

multi-millionaire tories, do not need state pensions

Pension Age.

This might be ok for MPs and peers who sit on their backsides all day, but what about people in physical jobs ( police, fire, ambulance staff, nurses, farm workers, factory staff, even our loyal postal deliveries!) who are on their feet, sometimes 7 days a week, working shifts. That is probably only a few, there are several professions where they would not be capable of doing their jobs at 70+.

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Pension age increase

Spot on Derek. I have mostly worked in healthcare , currently with Scottish Ambulance Service. I find myself struggling to carry out manual tasks now at the age of 63. My work.history had always been if a manual type, and I live my job, but I know the next three years will be a physical struggle for me until I can get my state pension. The thought of working any longer fills me with dread to be honest.

Raising retirement age

While I favour enabling seniors, such as myself, to continue working for as long as their health, continuing professional development & training enables them to, this should be a matter of individual choice, not enforcement, beyond the already set retirement limits. There is also the matter of who will look after grandchildren to enable parents to return to the workplace? Or will this become a benefit payable to seniors who take on this role, as opposed to remaining in employment? The same applies to the home and residential care of the elderly by an increasingly aging group of carers! For employers, there is the prospect of paying into pension schemes for longer periods for more employees and the associated increased costs in the face of business case redundancies. Also, what would be the increased safeguards to protect employees from unsustainable pension schemes? The work of this Think Tank raises more questions than it would appear to provide potential answers, however, it serves to act as a shot across the bows for both employers and general public, as I expect is intended. In the event of an impending Election, this work will be shelved ... until later.

Raising pension age to 75

They really haven't thought this through have they? They rush these statements without properly considering the the consequences. Presumably, they won't be expecting my son-in-law a young fieman to be climbing ladders at 75 surely! They also anticipate that the slightly younger of us who are going to be caught by this are going to be living healthier and for longer. Medical science will improve over time, but currently with the enormous increase in dementia cases many people by the age of 75 will have brains that have turned to custard and they aren't putting the money into trying to find a cure - because they haven't got it it. Before they rush these stupid statements out they need to step back and look at as many of the implications this has so they can answer the questions that such a proposal presents, instead of doing a 'u' turn later. Looks like we could have another 'Universal Credit' situation which had to be re -thought.

Pension Age 75

I don't see how raising the State Pension age to 75 will help with "removing barriers for older people to remain in work." If anything it'll force them to stay in work, possibly impacting on jobs for young people, or more likely end up claiming universal credit which from a quick calculation on entitledto could potentially pay more than the state pension anyway!


And the people who do the crap back breaking manual work are normally broken at 50. wake up and get a real job!

Pensions etc.

You can guarantee that this won’t apply to the politicians who intend to implement this, the only person to ever come up with a good idea in the Houses of Parliament was Guy Fawkes

Balderdash! Contrary to what…

Balderdash! Contrary to what this article says, older people are not living longer. A report by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries in March this year confirmed that longevity is in decline and that this is "a trend as opposed to a blip”. I also have difficulty reconciling the statements "raising the state pension age would ...... improve the health of older workers" with the assertion later in the article that "today’s older people are healthier than ever before". Do the idiots who come out with these policy ideas never think that people might like to do something with their lives other than work?

State Pension age should rise to 75

I honestly think that these so called 'Think Tanks' compete to see who can come up with the most stupid and unpopular ideas, The UK is already the 'poor man' of europe in terms of pensions and these moronic idiots still imagine that there is the possibility to make pensioners even poorer than the rest of the continent. Any political party making this sort of idiocy the central plank of their election manifesto should prepare themselves for a generation out of government. Time to 'pension off' both the Lords and Think Tanks.

State pension

Centre for social justice, what a joke, why should have to wait to 70 or even 75, how dare they, a lot of us would have worked 40 years plus and why should be allowed to retire when we want, we have all worked hard and paid our taxes, I find it disgusting that they want to increase.

I bet the Chief Executive of the CSJ is on a big fat wage and pension.

Stop giving out large sums of foreign aid and give it to The pensioners,

State Pension Age rise to 75

I hate how these well off people decide that working till we drop is the answer to all our problems. How about they shut the House of Lords and stop paying £300 a day for these so called Lords to sleep all day if they want to save money. All us workers from the 50's 60's & 70's are being affected by this bunch of useless rich people who have no idea what its like not to have a nanny and a cleaner to get the kids sorted before we go to work. How many have actually done the school run week in week out for years and then rushed off to work. They make it worse by making sure you can't get any benefits if your body can't carry on, so many from the 50's have already died or committed suicide. Put this in place and there will be many many more dead before they get their pensions. This government need to put the billions back that has been stolen from the NI fund then they wouldn't need to worry about paying pensions it was billions in credit, where's it gone, they need to answer to us about this before they put up the SPA, we paid in they need to start paying out, its not their money its ours.

75 pension age.

A much better idea stop the MP's getting rises and claiming for so many things. They even claim for paper clips.!?

RE: seriously?

So not only are the Tories plundering the national insurance contributions, making it look like there isn't enough money for pensions and making pensioners feel bad about claiming their well deserved pension in the first place, now they may never be able to claim it as the Tories work people to their death beds!

There is more than enough money to have kept the retirement age at 60/65 if it was topped up with contributions as it should have been instead of plundered by tories and not contributed to properly by any government lately.

The government ministers of course will be able to retire on their millions

Try getting work when you're over 50

Ever tried looking for work when you're over 50? Lots of employers won't even consider you and if you are lucky enough to be employed, you are considered too old and unable to make a valid contribution. So how the government think a 70+ year old will still be able to find work is beyond me. Enter the real world.

Sorry for getting old...

Dubrey, I'm in that position now! I'm not even trying to get the sort of job I used to do (running a company which owned a care home until my business/life partner had the cheek to pass away), I'm enthusiastically applying for any job at all - I don't get any responses to any of my applications. I thought I could probably scrape by until retirement at 66 (another 6 years), but not sure I can - and how would I (and i'm not the only one!) manage until 75, with no pension, no income...? I'm not whining, I just don't see how this can possibly work for the majority of people.


What planet are these idiots living on i know for a fact its not planet EARTH.The age for living longer has gone down since these MUPPETS have been in power.Were are all the so called jobs going to come from if and when you implement this fantasy.You people need to got of your big fat backsides and get out into the real world you brainless plonkers.People like you never ever understand how things work.If your brain needs a work out come up with say if you pass away before you retire your next of kin will get at least 80% of the money you have built up for your pension by working all those years.You shower called the government are the biggest thieves going stealing from the dead.I bet your ancestors are very proud of you.You make me sick.

Work for 50 Years.

We left school at 15 and retired at 65, a 50 year working life, if you managed to live that long. Every one's state pension should start 50 years after the date they start full time employment with full contributions then it would be fair and equal. We have a much better living standard today than years ago, we can afford better food and have better health care making us live longer. I know the youner ones won't like this as most don't believe they should have to work for a living but just entitled to everything, we only got things by hard work and longer working hours than today.

Pension Age

Forget raising the age to 75 (no-one will vote for the party that wants to implement that idea). Save money by making state pension eligibility 'means tested', then at least the people who really 'need' it, will get it at the right time. The government know so much about our personal financial details, that it wouldn't be hard to work out. But, of course, if they put the 'cut-off' line in the wrong place, gaining election votes may well be a huge problem ! Many wealthy people don't understand why they continue to receive the state pension; but I'm also sure there'll be many wealthy people who have no such notions; the ones who can afford very clever accountants.

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Forget 'Means Testing'

Means Testing becomes the 'thin end of the wedge'. If someone has paid N.I. contributions during their working life then they should be entitled to the relevant state pension based on those contributions. Give any political party the ability to set a 'pensions bar' then that bar will inevitably become lower and lower as time passes. Sorry, but means testing is a very bad idea and would be very unpopular with the pensioner electorate.

Means Testing Should End

I agree means testing is wrong and people should only get pension equal to credits they have from paying into NI system, GPC and the extra benefit qualifiers are better off than many pensions who paid all their life. I lived on low wages all my life, I became to ill to work near end so had just sick pay to provide for my mentally ill & learning difficulty wife, no other help. Lucky I had saved a little through never having a holiday or any form of things people take for granted. I can't do anything in my retirement, I struggle to get out to do my shopping but I feel I am better off than many old people in the past when I was young. If you want better or to retire early get saving and not wasting, only thing is the scroungers will expect to get anything you leave behind.

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raise state pension to 65

Jean you are wrong
meanstesting the state pension is a disgrace.
i have paid national contrabutions.
I want my state pension.


Does the government not realize there other people who manually work to I've been putting into the system since I left school at 16 Iam 53 and can't physically graft till Iam 75 offshore it's working till you drop the government can't just start changing the gold posts it's morally wrong I am very disappointed and angry that some pen pusher has thought up this utter garbage

Pension age

Meanwhile 10 years of 'Austerity' (for the poor amongst us, i.e. the majority) continue to suffer with no pay rises etc etc whilst the wealthy have averaged 183% growth in their wealth!! AND PEOPLE STILL VOTE TORY!

Where all the jobs for the young people

Where are all the jobs coming from if you have to work until 75. Young people already hate older people as it is and if they can’t get jobs because Granny or Grandad are still there it will cause even more tension. Never mind Boris has found Theresa Mays money tree for everything else.

Later retirement

I had a non-physical job that i loved but retired at 75 because I had to care for my wife in poor health. I had bad arthritis in my hands from c. 70, so I couldn't have done many jobs even if i'd wanted. There will have to be lots of exclusions for ladder climbers, carpet layers, plumbers etc. plus all those where eyesight is essential. Also the whole realm of aging problems like the numerous forms and degrees of dimentia will need to be dealt with. There will be need for a whole new career in the offing - hundreds of civil servants for checking the justifications of all these exclusions. I think that its Its going to take a politician with a death wish to try to bring this one forward.


Why is this even being discussed
I had an average job as did my husband but we were well looked after by the company we worked for, albiet on minimum wage for the hours we diid, we would have happily worked till seventy
Now redundant due to take over, i am working as a night carer of the elderly at 58, my husband out in all weathers delivering goods
Yes we have jobs, but will we manage this till 68
I am really struggling now and with 42 years of paid ni i want my pittance of a pension at 60 as i was promised
Which even if i got it would still be a struggle
Why are people not more angry?
I am frankly scared of the future

Article is starting an interesting discussion

While I agree 75 is too high, other measures should be taken to make the system more sustainable, such as scrapping the triple lock. Between the triple lock, extortionally high rents (mostly to old landlords), and paying for the NHS (mostly used by the aged), the UK is under a gerontocracy milking the younger generations in favour of the older.

Of course, for a selfish aged person with a life expectancy of a decade, all the above are irrelevant.

State pension

I am one of the women who had their state pension age increased 3 times. I finally got paid this year , almost 50 years after staring work. Over the past 10 years I have seen friends and family of my age fall victim to cancer and other life limiting illness. not all have survived and those who have had to give up paid work due to the effects of the illness. It would have been so helpful if these people could have drawn an early, proportionately reduced pension to help them through these difficult times. Those who died, paid in for years for nothing and suffered financially at a time when they could least cope.

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