Deal of the Week: free video vet consultations when you take out pet insurance

16 August 2019

Bought By Many pet insurance customers can get free video vet consultations with the FirstVet app


What’s the deal exactly?

Take out pet insurance with Bought By Many and you will get free video consultations with fully-qualified vets via the FirstVet app.

Customers can video call UK-registered vets to check a pet’s symptoms, get advice on treatment they can carry out at home or find out if they need to be referred to a local vet.

When a referral to a local vet is needed, FirstVet provides detailed notes of the initial consultation to both the owner and the vet.

Why should I care?

Going to see the vet can be expensive, with a typical consultation bill costing around £30. Signing up to the app will not only help you save money but valuable time as well.

You will also save money on FirstVet’s standard consultation costs which  are usually £20 - £30 per call.

Bought By Many was voted the top pet insurance provider this year by Moneywise readers in our Customer Service Awards, so the firm comes well recommended by you!

What’s the catch?

To get access to free consultations with FirstVet you will have to be a Bought By Many customer and take our a pet insurance policy with them.

While Bought By Many were voted top this year in our Customer Service Awards, that doesn't necessarily mean they'll offer the best deal for your individual circumstance, so it is worth shopping around before taking out a policy. 

Where can I find out more?

To access the service, Bought By Many customers can download the free FirstVet app and select Bought By Many as their insurer when signing up. They will then be able to use the service as often as they like.

You can find out more about Bought By Many pet insurance here.

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