Monzo tells customers to change their PINs - but you'll have to go to a cash machine to do it

5 August 2019

Monzo has told hundreds of thousands of customers to update their PIN codes due to the information being stored insecurely


Monzo admitted to customers it had been storing card PIN information 'incorrectly' in an email to customers sent around 3pm on Monday afternoon.

In the email it warned customers to change their PINs as a security precaution, although they were unaware of any actual data breach.

The bank says no fraud has been committed and no one outside of Monzo has had access to the PINs.

Monzo chief executive Tom Blomfield says: “We’ve fixed a problem that meant we’d been recording some people’s PINs in a different part of our internal systems (in encrypted log files). Engineers at Monzo have access to these log files as part of their job. The information wasn’t available to anyone who isn’t a Monzo employee.

"We’ve deleted the data and done a full review of our systems and are confident this information hasn’t been accessed or used in a fraudulent way. We’ve contacted everyone affected by the issue to let them know that they should update their app and change their PIN.

Curiously however, despite being touted as an app-only bank, it appears customers will have to go to cash machines in order to do so.

Monzo's emails came with instructions to change the PIN:

"You can change your PIN at your nearest cash machine:

  • Put your Monzo card into the cash machine and enter your old PIN
  • Choose ‘PIN services’, then ‘Select a new PIN’
  • Change it to a new number"

The app-only bank tells customers currently abroad to do so when they return to the UK, or if they'll be abroad for an extended period, to contact customer services via the in-app chat function. 

Users should also make sure the Monzo app on their phone is up-to-date with the latest version of the app from the app store. 

The email says: "You should update your app in the App Store or Play Store. The latest versions of the app are iOS 2.59.0 and Android 2.59.1 (you might already be on the latest version!)

"We’re really sorry about this. Please get in touch with us through in-app chat or by ringing the phone number on the back of your debit card if you have any questions or concerns."


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