Holiday firms Late Rooms and Super Break collapse: what are your rights?

5 August 2019

Hotel websites Late Rooms and Super Break both ceased trading last week leaving over 50,000 customers in the lurch


Tens of thousands of people have seen their holiday plans thrown into disarray after package firms Late Rooms and Super Break went into administration.

Both companies ceased trading last week, affecting more than 50,000 holidaymakers between them.

Late Rooms and Super Break were still accepting bookings shortly before they both collapsed.

What went wrong?

Malvern Group, which owns Late Rooms and Super Break, ceased trading after running out of money before being able to find a buyer.

Last month, Malvern appointed accounting firm KMPG to oversee the sale of the company after India travel specialist Cox and Kings – which owns a 49% stake in Malvern - defaulted on its loan repayments.

As Malvern was unable to secure interim funding from banks it ran out of money before a sale could be completed.

Hugo Kimber, Malvern executive chairman, says: "This is a devastating blow for all of our wonderful employees who have invested so much time and effort into building Malvern, its brands and trips technology platform.

"This is equally difficult for all our suppliers, partners and customers who will be impacted by this news. To be so close to delivering our goal of an integrated, dynamic and commercially successful business, that could provide significant value through its innovative products, is heart-breaking."

What should you do if you are on holiday?

Around 400 Super Break customers are currently on holiday overseas or in the UK. ABTA says you should be continue with your holiday as planned.

If you made your booking through a travel agent or company and not directly with Super Break you will need to contact that company for advice.

If your Super Break holiday is ATOL protected and includes a flight, you should be able to continue with your trip as normal but if  there are any problems you should contact the Civil Aviation Authority.

Malvern says that if you booked through Late Rooms and you are on holiday you should be able to continue as normal as the booking was made through the hotel.

What should you do if you have already booked?

As holidays with Super Break are protected by ABTA most customers should be able to get a refund either through ABTA or another financial protection scheme, depending on the type of booking. 

The vast majority of holidaymakers’ arrangements will be covered through one of a number of different types of financial protection. 

If you have booked through another travel company, you should contact them to discuss options which may include continuing with their booking, re-booking or alternative arrangements. 

If you booked a Super Break holiday for accommodation only you will need to submit a claim to your credit card company.

Late Rooms was not a member of ABTA.

If you booked with Late Rooms your holiday should go ahead as planned as it went directly to the hotel.

If you have paid and you are told your reservation is no longer valid you can still claim back your money as you have paid for a service you have not received.

This is because on credit card purchases over £100 you are protected under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974.



We had a weekend break booked with Superbreaks for 2 wks time but we had other destinations booked before. We contacted the hotel we were due to stay at and as they had not been paid for our booking we were told we had to pay full amount on arrival for them to honour booking made. We cancelled and extended our stay at prior destination which has resulted in our holiday costing us double the amount. We are now in contact with our Credit card company to hopefully get our money back.

Train tickets

I booked a London mini break with superbreaks the hotel is cancelled but I still have trains tickets are they silk valuable to use ??

Superbreak vouchers

I hold superbreak vouchers ,value 150 pounds, not yet used to book a holiday. Can I claim a refund of the voucher value.

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Hold vouchers for supabreak not cashed bought in Christmas so can I get the value back

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Unused super real vouchersi

I have 250 pounds of superbreak vouchers cañ I get a refund

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Super break vouchers

I bought £400 pounds of vouchers for Christmas 2018
How do I claim the money back


I received £250 worth of Super Break vouchers as a retirement present from my former work colleagues which I intended to use for an autumn break. Unfortunately I have discovered that these vouchers were purchased by a former colleague using a debit card. They have contacted their bank to try for a charge back, but I do not hold out any hope. Moral of my story is to always use a Credit Card when purchasing vouchers then you are protected under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

Super break vouchers

Is there anyway £100 voucher can be refunded?

Booked hotel and tutankmun tickets paid 150 pounds

Have spoken to hotel they have not been paid
How do I get my mony back

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