Deal of the week: free car insurance excess cover worth £250

2 August 2019

GoCompare have launched a new free-excess protection policy, which will pay out £250 when drivers make a claim


What’s the deal exactly?

GoCompare Car Insurance is giving away free £250 excess cover to every customer who buys a qualifying car insurance policy.

Customers who need to make a claim on their car insurance policy will be reimbursed up to £250 excess when their car insurance claim has been settled.

Why should I care?

Lots of people fail to check their car insurance policy when they take it out and often end up with a nasty shock when they find they have to pay an excess.

Only 35% of drivers bother to check the policy excess level when arranging insurance for their car, according to research from GoCompare.

Meanwhile, 37% of drivers admit that they don’t have the means to pay their excess or would have to turn to credit cards or loans.  

The amount of the excess will depend on the nature of the claim, for example, whether it is for fire, theft or accidental damage. GoCompare's offer could help you save quite a tidy sum.

What’s the catch?

The offer applies to fully comprehensive policies and is open to anyone who buys a valid car insurance policy from GoCompare during the offer period. 

Exclusions include breakdown, windscreen and glass repair/replacement. 

GoCompare hasn't said when the offer ends, so it might be best to sign up as quickly as possible to make sure you don't miss out.

Where can I find out more?

You can find out more on the GoCompare website.

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