Monzo goes down leaving customers unable to access their bank accounts or cash

29 July 2019

Customers of the app-based bank have complained about not being able to hold of their funds


Monzo is back up and running after angry customers were left customers unable to make any payments or access their cash after the challenger bank was hit by problems on Monday afternoon.

Customers reported having transactions declined in shops while others were locked out of their accounts.

Users also reported problems when checking balances, with some saying they were incorrect or in their overdraft.

One user complained on Twitter: “You took money from my account and put me in an overdraft, so I transferred money to compensate it and then another payment failed and that money has gone missing again.”

Another user says: “Seems to be down. Tried to do some payments in the last 4 min and all failed.”

Monzo says it has identified the cause of the issues but some users say they are still having problems.

A spokesperson from Monzo says: “We've rolled out a fix to the issues and most things are now back to normal.

“Transactions made during the outage may take some time to show in your feed. If things still don't look right, please hold tight as these will be automatically fixed in the next hour.

“We are continuing to monitor the situation and will provide updates as soon as we have more information.”

Chat and phone support was also hit but Monzo says that is also working again.


Money missing from mono account

A friend of mine has £2000 in mono account then in late August it went missing from mono account it's somewhere in limbo. 4 months later and despite emails and calls to mono they've still not put it back in the account. This money is URGENTLY needed

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