Millions of Virgin broadband customers to see super-fast fibre internet rollout

25 July 2019

The company says the connection is almost 20 times faster than the UK average broadband speed


Virgin Media has revealed plans to boost internet speeds for millions of customers across the UK with its rollout of fast-fibre broadband.

The company says it will introduce download speeds of at least 1Gbps to 15 million homes across the UK.

Virgin says the connection is almost 20 times faster than the UK average broadband speed.

This means customers could be able to download a high definition 5GB HD film in just 42 seconds, compared to more than 13 minutes on the UK’s average connection.

Virgin Media will introduce this next-generation service in cities across its national network later in the year, starting with Southampton, where the first customers trialling these speeds have already been connected.

The next-generation broadband technology, known as DOCSIS 3.1, theoretically means customers could get speeds of up to 10Gbps.

Lutz Schüler, chief executive officer of Virgin Media, says: “This is a giant digital leap forward for the UK.

“Virgin Media has been the unparalleled speed leader for many years. Very soon, for the first time ever, millions of people right across the country will be able to experience hyperfast and reliable gigabit internet connections thanks to the latest technology and the power of our network.

“This upgrade plan will see gigabit speeds rolled out at an unrivalled pace right across the country, bringing our customers the future-proof connections of tomorrow.”

Sharon White, Ofcom chief executive, says: “We welcome Virgin Media’s commitment to investing further in its network, providing gigabit speeds to millions more households. This shows the race to roll out ultrafast speeds to people and businesses across the UK is really gathering pace.”

BT is currently rolling out full fibre broadband through its Openreach programme which aims to cover over 10 million homes and businesses by the end of 2025.

Virgin Media is also trialling a full fibre connection offering speeds of more than 8Gbps to homes in Cambridgeshire.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pledged that the whole of Britain will have access to super-fast broadband by 2025 – eight years ahead of current government policy.

According to telecoms operator Ofcom, only 7% of UK properties have full-fibre broadband at the moment.

However, delivering this could run into billions and there are currently no plans laid out for how this would be done.

The government currently estimates that to ensure full-fibre broadband in rural areas would cost £5 billion.



About time Virgin gave something to their long serving customers for the service, especially with the price increase in Sept that is way above inflation. It was probably just a number that was chosen at random?

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