Amber Rudd “sceptical” Waspi women hit by state pension age rise will get additional support

18 July 2019

It comes a week after Boris Johnson said he would look at the issue if he becomes Prime Minister


Work and pensions secretary Amber Rudd has said she is “sceptical” that women affected by changes to the state pension age would get additional funding, according to a report in The Mirror.

The news comes after Boris Johnson said last week that he would take another look at the issue if he were to become Prime Minister.

The decision to raise the state pension age for women has meant that nearly four million women have had to wait longer to get their pension.

Campaign groups such as BackTo60 and Women Against State Pension Inequality (Waspi) argue that many women born in the 1950s were not warned of the changes and have suffered financial hardship as a result.

Speaking at POLITICO’s Playbook Live event in London on Tuesday, the UK work and pensions secretary told the Mirror: “I’m slightly sceptical at holding out hope for any additional support for WASPI women."

"People who feel they have lost out by the rising pension age and claim, believe, they haven’t been told in time about it.

“At the moment the Treasury has been very resistant to supplying any additional funds.”

She said that she was not aware of Mr Johnson’s comments and that she would wait until next week to see if the new Prime Minister takes a different view.


Secretary of state for work and pensions Amber Rudd

Speaking to his constituents last week, Mr Johnson indicated that he would look at the issue.

He said: “And I must say the answer I’ve got back from the Treasury is not yet satisfactory.

“But I will undertake – if I’m lucky enough to succeed in this campaign – to return to this issue with fresh vigour and new eyes and see what I can do to sort it out."

Debbie de Spon, a spokesperson for Waspi, says: “The Waspi campaign is disappointed to note that the pensions secretary has poured scorn on Boris Johnson's suggestion that he will look again at the Waspi issue.

“We were heartened by his statement, and that of Jeremy Hunt that they will both revisit the situation that finds women born in the 1950s waiting up to an extra six years for their state pension without having received sufficient notice.

“There has been considerable evidence to show that the DWP failed to adequately provide information, and the result for women affected is loss of financial independence and security as they face their retirement. As a campaign we will continue to seek compensation.”

Moneywise has spoken to a number of women born in the 1950s hit by the state pension changes, many of whom have no just suffered financially, but emotionally as well.

Some women stopped working after expecting to receive a pension, but the changes have left them with little time to make alternative plans.

While the government insists it did enough to notify affected women of the changes, many disagree.

The state pension age for women was raised last November to 65 – the same as men – for the first time.

It has been steadily rising from 60 since 2011 and in 2020 the age for both sexes will rise to 66.

Backto60 took the government to the High Court last month for a judicial review.

Two women - Julie Delve, 61, and Karen Glynn, 62 - argued that raising the pension age unlawfully discriminated against them “on the grounds of age, sex, and age and sex combined”.

A final judgment is due within weeks.


WASPI women

It's called equality as millions of women would never have paid into the pot as a stay at home mom that was still happy to take the child allowance.

In reply to by Keith (not verified)


I have been discriminated against by this government both by age,sex and by age and sex. This is unlawful and should be corrected to the letter of the law. My husband has not been discriminated by his sex or his age.

In reply to by Maureen Colston (not verified)

state pension

I disagree with this comment ,men have been discriminated against by the fact they could only get their pension at 65 .This is fair and women want equality ,but obviously some still want to be treated specially because they're women.

In reply to by georgina white (not verified)

in equality

fact - women on average live a lot longer than men [ therefore men have to payfor there longivity [is that fair ] or just

In reply to by Keith (not verified)

Waspi women

Women didn't have the choice men were in charge and women couldn't earn the same as men and were expected to stay at home with the children whether they wanted to or not

In reply to by John Bywater (not verified)

Waspe Women

Well my mum (born in the 40s) certainly had a choice and did earn the same as men, at least from the 60s onwards (or so she tells me).

In reply to by Keith (not verified)


you lot are feeding the wrong people with money and tacked it away from us that worked all our lives to pay you big salaries I live on 200 pounds a week pay £50 heating bill £100 food bill .ime 80 years old wrong degusting lot of you

In reply to by Keith (not verified)

state pension increase for women

I remember receiving a letter many moons ago about state pension increases I cannot remember if it was about the first increase--to sixty three I believe or the second increase to sixty six. You see my dear, us w.a.s.p.i women are getting older and more fragile. It seems that if you decide to be a dedicated full time mother ,you are discriminated against and looked down on by society.
In Sweden, I believe women are paid a substantial amount if they choose to stay at home.

In reply to by Keith (not verified)


And what about the millions of women, myself included who didn't have children, have worked since the age of 11 in a Saturday job and in full time work since leaving school at 15. Having paid a full 43 years into my pension I hear, a couple of years before being due for retire at 60, that I would not receive my pension until 6 years afterwards at 66. When banks/building societies sold their customers endowment policies promising to cover the capital on their mortgages which then failed, they were forced to pay compensation. How is this different from what the government have done to working women. Had the government given more warning to women they could have made adequate arrangements, assuming that they have had a sufficiently paid job to do it. Where women's pay has been well below that of men doing equal jobs that would not have been an easy thing to do. Now I am reliant on my husband's pension. I have never been dependent on anyone for money in the past and it feel alien to me. I am not alone, many women are in the same position and feel cheated by the country they have helped to pay for all their working lives only for the government to give all our money away, leaving none in the pot for the women of this country. I am fortunate as I have a husband to provide for us until I get my pension. There are many women who have worked all their lives and are struggling to pay bills because of the loss of their pension. So Keith don't make the assumption that all women have not worked and had child allowance, this is not the case for many.

In reply to by Keith (not verified)

WASPI women

And what about all the women who did work, and have been financially disadvantaged because of this ruling? Seems there are still sexist dinosaurs around!

In reply to by Keith (not verified)

Pension poverty

I was born 1955. Like many have been deprived and now facing hardship. When I split from my marriage I made to take the decision to stand by my children. Worked lunch hours etc. there were no CHILD TAX credits. We had what we errant and had to get on with it live for the day. I know it takes 40 years to pay into a pension with maxi mum benefit. We were never given that ???
We have lost each of us 50000. What has been done with that money we paid NI for. I am sick of hearing about PERIOD POVERTY. Another payment the government is forking out for. We had to pay for our own children with no child tax credits. That's only one thing. If I was a family with children they get so much more money. BUT we both have the same bills. If I was in rented private or council you pay their rent ?? WHY what makes them different to us. Something needs to change. I like many are struggling not enjoying our golden years. I have been in and out of work it makes me ill. Looking on Indeed (and I still have it) a job recruiting in a DSS office quite clearly stating "you have to be SYMPATHETIC to older people over fifty looking for work"
We need to be heard!!! It seems it has all taken a back seat. Even the top person in my borough said "you have to pay council tax regardless of your situation. 65 is young. " needless to say I have put a complaint up about this person. How dare she say that !! It's discrimination against the older people who have worked.

WASPI women

They had not been told? They should have watched the news instead of soaps

In reply to by Sid (not verified)

No notification

Anne Widdecome said that every woman affected has received a letter notifying of the change. I’ve lived in this home since Jan 89 & I have most definitely NOT had any letter. The only way I’ve learnt about the change of pension is through WASPI & BackTo60, for which I’m grateful. I turned 60 in May this year & was expecting my pension. I was made redundant 2 1/2 yrs ago, only 1 interview in that time & not entitled to benefits, which also sucks.
By the time I get my pension in 6 yrs time I will have missed out on just about £52k. Tell me that is fair.

In reply to by Cheryl (not verified)

changes to state pension

Hi I totally agree with you I was born in 1960 and the changes to the state pension is already impacting on my life, my husband's life and my family's life. My husband who is 63 years old continues to work sometimes starting at 03.00 and he worries about our finances this is impacting on our relationships and our health. Why is everything so expensive in the UK it does not seem right to me, the rich are getting richer and the poorer are getting poorer we are going backwards.

In reply to by Cheryl (not verified)


You may have got the pension later ,but it is about £40 a week more than women receive that got it at £60.

In reply to by Sid (not verified)

womens pension

So true ,how could they miss all the information? Please stop complaining ladies !

Pension Age Increase

Grr. So few people seem to understand what the gripe is and, to be honest, some of us didn't get it at first. Speaking for myself, I saw the equality in my pension age being increased to 63 as part of the transition. I thought that was that but, oh no, it was then further increased to 66 so I have been hit by a double whammy despite promises to the contrary. I haven't taken time off for family or had any family allowance but I have had to pay more in contributions due to the fact that I had an earlier retirement date. Great, so I have paid more to retire earlier but that has then been taken away from me ALTHOUGH I HAVE PAID FOR IT!!!!!

In reply to by Cheryl Davies (not verified)

Women's state pension

A above, I started work at 15 yrs old, I am nowv65 yrs old & have never been out of work. I have worked full time, non stop for over 50 years. My claimed my state pension in May this year, as a single woman I do not have financial support from s husband & have never earned enough to have great savings, & the little I have saved has not earned a decent rate if interest for years. My private pension pays me £160 a month due to the years of low interest rates etc & I now have to continue part time work to supplement my income. I can't see a time when I will be able to retire fully

Back to 60

If the High Court Judgement is in favour of returning the pension age back to 60, as a 64 year old woman (born March 1955) does that mean I can retire almost immediately

In reply to by Madeleine Godinho (not verified)


Working since 15 and pension taken away let us retire to make jobs for the youngsters

WASPI women

Not all women were married or had children and worked throughout their careers without a break. These women paid into the system and have been penalised unfairly.


Years ago when the claim was made for equality on state pension instead of reducing men's pension age to 60 women would have to gradually have their qualifying age increased to same as men's. Surely they knew from then it was going to happen and should have kept themselves up to date on the matter. Can men have the 5 years pension they were done out of due to unequal system when they had to wait until 65 and women 60, how many women never contributed fully to get enough credits and how many claim GPC. Women want equality unless it works against them then they claim to be a special case.

In reply to by Contax (not verified)

Retirement age at 60

Your obviously a man with that comment. Women stayed home with children full time job that is cooked cleaned shopped never ending . Then when they go to work men get better paid . So nothing is ever between men an women. A woman’s work never ends it’s disgusting they should be able to retire at 60 .

WASPI Women.

Reference Keith's statement - as a husband I would rather my wife recieved her pension at 60 , does Keith not feel that a stay at home mum was helping her husband to be able to work full time and by taking care of HIS children for him enabling his career to progress easier .The child allowance was paid to all families working or not for the child's benefit as its name suggests not the mums.

In reply to by JW (not verified)


Well my wife received NI (pension) contributions from the government for every year we received child benefit, meaning she was not in any way penalised for taking time off to raise our children. From a purely selfish point of view I'd be quite happy for her to get state pension from age 60, apart from the fact that it will take government funds from other, probably more important, areas in order to fund it.


I am a lady born in 1956 like many women of my generation we have been cheated of our state pension how dare they the government prevent us for claiming what is lawfully ours. I have faith in Boris Johnson I am sure he is going to help I am ,however, somewhat apprehensive with what Amber Rudd has up her sleeve, she obviously does not want to find for her fellow sister which is very worrying. Come on Boris make 50's ladies even more proud of you.

In reply to by ISABEL WASSELL (not verified)

State Pension

Being a man born in 1955 I feel part of your pain at having to wait until 2021 for my own State Pension. I was however well aware of the equalisation changes and age increase to 66. I therefore myself made some savings provision, although that was hampered by having no income since 2014 when forced out of the Steel Industry with neither Redundancy nor Company Pension. Your faith in Boris may however be misplaced as his 2 ex-wives found out, he is a proven liar and serial adulterer.

WASPI and Retirement

I am extremely annoyed and angry that my rights to an early Pension were taken away from me despite working all my life even when I had my children, which wasn’t out of choice but to make ends meet. My husband has more than one Pension contributed towards by his employers - the jobs I had didn’t offer this opportunity so yes I do feel I have been discriminated against as I was Mother Housekeeper and Worker and no I haven’t had enough time to accumulate the sort of pensions my husband has had and yes I am excluded from his Pension payments which are to him not me so this law needs changing!

Pension debacle

I was expecting to receive my pension at 63 as was advised previously by dwp.
I have retired from a part time teaching post having worked all my life from 21 to 64 and taken maternity leave to raise a family.
I have 43 years of NI contributions.
I was not made aware of any changes to my pension. I feel angry and aggrieved that I have been treated unfairly and strongly believe women in my position have been unlawfully discriminated against.
I also believe this is an opportunity for Boris Johnson to set the record straight and support women. If he truly believes in the power of Britain against the EU then he needs to put money where his mouth is. Come on Boris get on with it !

Pension debacle

I was expecting to receive my pension at 63 as was advised previously by dwp.
I have retired from a part time teaching post having worked all my life from 21 to 64 and taken maternity leave to raise a family.
I have 43 years of NI contributions.
I was not made aware of any changes to my pension. I feel angry and aggrieved that I have been treated unfairly and strongly believe women in my position have been unlawfully discriminated against.
I also believe this is an opportunity for Boris Johnson to set the record straight and support women. If he truly believes in the power of Britain against the EU then he needs to put money where his mouth is. Come on Boris get on with it !

Pension debacle

I was expecting to receive my pension at 63 as was advised previously by dwp.
I have retired from a part time teaching post having worked all my life from 21 to 64 and taken maternity leave to raise a family.
I have 43 years of NI contributions.
I was not made aware of any changes to my pension. I feel angry and aggrieved that I have been treated unfairly and strongly believe women in my position have been unlawfully discriminated against.
I also believe this is an opportunity for Boris Johnson to set the record straight and support women. If he truly believes in the power of Britain against the EU then he needs to put money where his mouth is. Come on Boris get on with it !

Pension loss

How unfair to have worked all my life from leaving school at 15years old doing any job to get pin money as a housewife mother of three children always looking after my own family and husband who worked full time to support us all ; now I am alone with no husband have worked full time to support myself after leaving my husband couldn't afford a private pension and pay my mortgage; have never taken a penny from the state only to find I have to continue working 12hour shifts to keep myself at 65 ; to discover I can't get my government pension now until 66 as well as that I suffer a disability it's just so depressing but I keep going .

Pension theft

have trusted all the different governments to save and protect my 42 years of national insurance payments during the whole of my working .
However I now find I am being robbed of my pension by the same governments I trusted . For me approx 40k .
I believe this to be unethical unfair and possibly illegal and paramount to stealing .
There should be at the very least some retribution or perhaps compensation for those women that have paid in so much in my case 42 years of contribution and forced to wait the longest 6.7 years . I am powerless to revoke or appeal this decision to steal my pension money.


I was not informed about change in my pension until 2013 - aged 56 - I am fed up with people saying they knew and were advised of the changes. I’m not a stupid woman - indeed I have also worked since 15 raising 3 children at the same time, and know with absolute certainty that I was not informed. With such an important change to the pension then I should have officially been advised back in 1995. So, do me a favour you women in parliament who purport I’ve been adequately advised of changes and stop telling me I’m wrong!

Waspi women

Born 1955 15yrs old when I started working dinner lady in school work with older ladies then me they got told that they could deferd their state pension until 62 then got told 64 so when they did retire they drawed the full amount of the state pension some of them treated them self to a bran new car I have been told I can't retire till 65 then found out it went up to 66 now my son logged on to the Internet and told me they have added a nother 2 months on 66 plus 2 months ie no letter from DWP I am sick to death of them moving the goal post were was my choice of deferd pension ie 6 yrs @ £8500 =51,000 good god that could take care of me in a care home wonder what the government has spent it on

Pension Age

I was born in 1954 and worked full time for 46 years. Under the new legislation I thought I would get my state pension when I attained age 65 and now find that I will have to wait until I am 65 years, 8 months and 24 days, and even worse is that had I have been born prior to the 6th of the month, I would have received it 2 months earlier, so I (and many other people) am been penalised for been born on the wrong date! I feel I am been robbed. Why should someone born in the same month and year get their pension 2 months earlier than someone born on or after the 6th of the same month and year?? TOTALLY UNFAIR!!!

Pension theft

Like many of the other comments I was born in 1955 I knew I would have to work until I was 62 & 6 months not because I was notified officially but a work colleague informed me, I believe in equality but recognize you can't always get it. It's the speed of which it has been done that annoys me. I too have worked all my life I don't have children what has happened to all my N.I contributions I was told by an off icial at the job centre when I had the temerity to go there I was entitled to nothing I've never had a benefit in my life always worked hard but it counts for nothing. I see in poland they're dropping their retirement age back down to 60!! In this country they're talking if it going to 75!!!! It seems like they're hoping most of us will die & they won't have to pay it at all. Personally I feel cheated.

Pension theft

Born 1959,worked for 45 years,raised five kids,no maternity pay,didn’t exist.
Always done a demanding physical job but can’t do it anymore,hurts to stand for to long,hurts to sit for to long,get very tired need naps,
loose concentration very easily,it’s time I give it up but I can’t afford to stop,must keep doing it.who has had my pension?


I worked all my life from 15 only breaks to have children we did not get equal pay to men so men accepted retiring at 65 also they were usually called the main bread winner I could understand if the pension age for women rose to 66 and the money given to the NHS but were has the money gone and what has it been spent on that's what this government should be telling us let us have our pension at 60 and give our 6 years to the young ones

Loss of state pension

Born in 1956,worked full time until I retired aged 55 was looking forward to my pension at age 60,but it’s been taken away until I am 66 was never informed.I have never had state handouts,I enquired once but I earned £1 too much to be able to claim.I worked full time for 38 years,had a family received child benefit oh yes and I paid for all of my childcare which was like paying a second mortgage,but my choice.So I feel very angry that my pension age was changed.


I have worked since I was 15, I did take time for my child who was born in 1979 .Stayed home until my child went to school.
Returned to work ,still working can't afford to finish,I'm 64 although I not wishing my life away, i can't wait for my 66th birthday and retirement.


Dose this WASPI women apply to me born in 1943

Men's retirement

I was born November 1954 expected pension date now 66, my ex husband July 1954 Will retire in March 2020, my partner March 1954 has retired in September 2019, both of them will or have retired before me. I started work at 15, have paid 2 stamps for periods of time but I do not recall getting any information or letter til I was 59 to tell me I would have to wait til I'm 63, I did not have any indication that I was moved to my 66th birthday til I put in a request for a pension statement that I found out my date had been moved yet again!

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