E.ON customers to be switched to renewable energy at no extra cost

9 July 2019

From today all E.ON customers will start receiving 100% renewable electricity – irrespective of their tariff and at no extra cost


The move will see some 3.3 million homes being solely powered by sources including wind, solar and biomass.

Earlier this year Moneywise reported that Shell Energy’s 700,000 customers would be switched to renewable energy following its rebrand from First Utility.

There is a growing demand for renewable energy with 61% of those not already using it saying they would like to switch if the price was reasonable, according to research from YouGov.

Commenting on the launch Michael Lewis, E.ON chief executive says: “Climate change is the defining issue of our era, and one that energy customers are increasingly concerned about.

"We believe large-scale action can make significant change possible and we’re committed to playing a leading role and setting an example for others to follow, that’s why we’re providing all of our residential customers with 100% renewable electricity as standard – a change at a scale never seen before in Britain."

E.ON built it first wind farm in 1992 in Anglesey and now owns 20 farms nationwide. It also owns biomass plants in Scotland and Yorkshire. It also has agreements with independent renewable energy generators to meet demand.

Mr Lewis adds: “Our announcement is an important first step in a journey towards a more sustainable and personalised energy system, but the future of energy doesn’t stop here. The opportunities include helping all of our customers to better manage their energy through smart, personalised and sustainable technologies.”


Renewable Energy

How can e on make such a claim to its customers when electricity from whatever source namely nuclear powered, gas powered etc will be provided by the grid through all electricity suppliers?

Ground Source Heat Pump renewable energy domestic clients

Because of the high energy used to run these domestic heat pumps, those of us who installed renewable GSHP energy are having to pay massive electric bills to run the heat pumps (15000 to 20000 kWh per ann) to produce heat from the warmer ground water for domestic under floor heating around the house. My own property consumes 7000kWh (domestic) + 19000kWh (heat pump) = 26000kWh per ann (equivalent to small businesses, but without lower rates). We were not entitled to 'green deals' and are not receiving special cheaper rates from suppliers who are laughing all the way to the bank. The government has misled us and we are stuck with massive bills as result of our willingness to produce renewable energy.
On the cheapest rate available, my annual bill is £3600 per ann. for a total 26000kWh, which should only be 7000kWh for domestic consumption on a 4/5 bedroom house. Now, retired with a combined retired income with my wife of £20, 000, aged 77, how can I sell my house to a prospective buyer? All the micro-generation engineers & consultants have gone out of business and we have been left high and dry. Who is going to be our champion? This is a scandal that no-one is addressing!


It states quote :: House holds COULD not WILL benefit from the cheapest energy deals without having to lift a finger, You trying to explain that it is giving something for nothing while trying to regenerate new custom, was Loyal once to you, but you learnt me a valuable lesson, Don't do Loyal.

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