All-in-one debit card Curve to offer 1% cashback at major retailers

13 June 2019

All-in-one debit card Curve has launched an instant cashback scheme offering shoppers 1% off all purchases at some of the high street’s biggest retailers.

With a Curve card you can load all your different debit and credit cards onto one app then pick which one to use when you spend using the app.

Customers will receive 1% cashback on purchases at over 60 high-street brands including Amazon, Apple, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, TFL, Uber, Gett, Spotify and Netflix.

Curve says shoppers can spend the cash anywhere Mastercard is accepted. The cashback is on top of any rewards already awarded by the underlaying cards, effectively doubling the reward for some people.

It works by adding funds to a separate Curve Cash card in the in-app Curve wallet, which can be used for purchases using the Curve card.

Curve Metal customers will earn 1% cashback on purchases at six retailers at a time and receive Curve Cash for an unlimited period.

Curve Black customers will be able to choose three retailers at a time and can also receive Curve Cash for an unlimited period. Curve Blue customers will be able to choose three retailers at a time for 90 days.

Diego Rivas, product lead at Curve, says: “The launch of Curve Cash is just one example of the many ways Curve simplifies people’s finances, constantly delighting them by combining all their debit and credit cards into one and rewarding them with cash they can spend instantly.”

How the Curve card works

A Curve card allows you to combine all your credit card accounts into one. It works same way as any normal bank card and you can use it anywhere in the world that accepts Mastercard.

Users load their existing credit and debit cards onto the app and then set a default account for any payments to be taken from when they are out shopping.

You can change this at any time, even after a purchase has been made. For instance, if you connected a credit and debit card from your bank to Curve, you could spend on one card initially but then change your mind to spend on the other.

The standard Curve Blue card is free. Curve Black is £9.99 a month and Curve metal is £14.99 a month, which both have additional features.

To get a Curve card you will need to download the Curve app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Debit cards associated with bank accounts benefit from FSCS deposit protection while being used through Curve. However, one drawback of the app is credit card customers lose their section 75 protection when spending between £100 and £30,000 through the app.

Best credit cards for cashback

Cashback credit cards provide a great way for you to make money whilst you spend, possible saving you hundreds each year.

The current Moneywise best buy is the American Express Platinum Cashback Everyday credit card which has 22.9% APR variable. It offers 1% cashback on spending over £5,001 per year and 0.5% on spending below this amount.

This card has no annual fee and an introductory offer of 5% cashback on spending for the first three months, up to a £100 limit. Bear in mind that American Express is less widely accepted than other types of credit card. You will also need to spend a minimum of £3,000 a year to get any cashback.

The Tandem Cashback credit card offers 0.5% cashback on all spending. You can also use it abroad and it has no limit on how much cashback you can earn.

While you won’t pay cash machine fees for withdrawals or spending around the world, you will be charged interest from the day of the transaction. The Tandem Cashback credit card has an 18.9% APR on spending or cash withdrawals.

An alternative is the Aqua Reward credit card which gives you 0.5% cashback on all spending up to a limit of £100 per year. As this card is designed for those with a poor credit history (although anyone can apply) it comes with a higher APR of 34.9%. Pay this card off in full every month to avoid paying a high rate of interest on your balance.


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Very misleading. Amex not supported and 1% Cashback on only 3 retailers. Complete waste of time.

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Makes you wonder how many will realise they'll lose the Sect75 protection on their credit cards?

"news?!" Lol

This card has been out for years! How can you claim this as news and use the phrase "to offer 1%" as if it's nice t even released yet.

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