Petrol prices go up by 11p in May to hit near five-year high

5 June 2019

It has been another miserable month for motorists in May with a fourth straight price rise of both petrol and diesel, new figures show.

Petrol was 11p a litre more expensive than it was at the beginning of February in May and diesel 7p dearer, taking prices to a near to a five-year high, according to RAC data.

This took a litre of petrol up to 130.57p and a litre of diesel to 135.54p.

This means the average cost of filling 55-litre family car with petrol has gone up by $6 since the start of February to £71.81 and for diesel by £3.80 to £74.55.

The RAC says the rise in forecourt prices has been caused by a slightly higher oil price and a weakening pound.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams says: “After suffering a steady flow of daily fuel price increases because of rising wholesale costs we urge retailers to reflect this sudden drop in the price of oil by cutting their prices as soon as possible.

“The supermarkets who buy fuel more often than smaller retailers due to the large volumes they sell should be able to do this straightaway to bring some welcome relief to drivers who have had to endure seemingly ever-increasing prices.”

Regional fuel prices

Those living in the North East saw the largest monthly price increase in the UK with 2.71p, taking a litre to 130.25p. The smallest increase was in London, with prices rising by 2.04p to £131.33.

London started May with the most expensive unleaded at 129.29p but the South East had the dearest petrol by the end of the month at 131.41p. Northern Ireland was the cheapest throughout May, finishing the month with an average price of 128.99p.

Average UK petrol prices in May
UK average128.23130.572.34
North East127.54130.252.71
East Midlands127.9130.452.55
North West127.72130.192.47
South East129.07131.412.34
West Midlands127.99130.312.32
Northern Ireland126.68128.992.31
South West128.35130.642.29
Yorkshire And The Humber127.69129.962.27

Source: RAC, June 2019

The East Midlands saw the biggest increase in the cost of diesel with a litre going up to 135.81p on after a 1.95p rise. The South East had the most expensive diesel at 136.46p and Northern Ireland the cheapest at 132.56p. Northern Ireland also had the smallest monthly increase at 1.31p a litre.

Average diesel price in May
UK average133.8135.541.74
East Midlands133.86135.811.95
West Midlands133.5135.421.92
North West133.5135.351.85
Yorkshire And The Humber132.96134.791.83
South East134.69136.461.77
North East132.84134.461.62
South West134.08135.681.6
Northern Ireland131.25132.561.31

Source: RAC, June 2019


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"The RAC says the rise in forecourt prices has been caused by a slightly higher oil price........RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams says: “......this sudden drop in the price of oil......." so which is it? oil price up or down??

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So why am I reading that fuel is actually dropping in price abroad?

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