Deal of the week: get 5p off per litre of fuel at Morrisons

29 March 2019

If you shop at Morrisons you can get 5p off a litre of petrol when you spend more than £40.

What’s the deal exactly?

Morrisons is the latest of the big supermarkets to engage in a price war at the petrol pumps.

Supermarket Morrisons is offering its customers 5p off a litre off until Sunday 9 June.

The offer is available in-store and all you have to do is spend more than £40 to get a voucher, which can then be exchanged for a discount at one of the supermarket’s filling stations.

Why should I care?

The high price of fuel is a constant issue for motorists, so the chance to save money is worth taking.

What’s the catch?

The £40 spend excludes a number of products, including: fuel, tobacco, lottery products, Morrisons Cafe, gift vouchers and cards, infant/formula milk, cash-back, dry cleaning, fireworks, online games and instant tickets, photo printing, saver stamps, postage stamps, top-up mobile phone cards, delivery charges/pass, garden centre and pharmacy.

The 5p off per litre of fuel coupon cannot be redeemed in Texaco, BP and Esso outlets.  

What other options do I have?

Even with the offer it is wise to find out where the cheapest petrol stations are. Use a comparison tool, such as Confused or PetrolPrices to find the cheapest fuel near you.     

Where can I find out more?

Full details are available on the Morrisons’ website.


In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

Does this apply to LPG?

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Read your article and visited Morrison’s today and spent the required £40 only to be told that the offer finished on Sunday! Please get the facts right!

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

Bit of a con giving vouchers away at my local Morrisons and my two nearest Morrisons petrol outlets are both around 28 miles from my house

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It's £40 or more.

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Why are the companies that sell fuel at a price that does not reflect what is paid wholesale, passed on to the public be held accountable for their greediness to overcharge us, as 10p I must admit may not add to be a lot on a bill But times that by how many people use this company equals why they don't pass it down the chain, equivalent to sheer greed.

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