Savings update: OakNorth launches market-leading easy-access Cash Isa rate with no restrictions

20 February 2019

OakNorth Bank has launched an easy-access Cash Isa with a top rate of 1.44%.

Available online, it sits just a whisker ahead of Shawbrook Bank offer of 1.43%.

Neither rate is boosted by a short-term bonus and there are no limits on the number of withdrawals.

Virgin Money pays a marginally higher 1.45% on its Double Take Isa, but limits you to two withdrawals a year. 

Shawbrook Bank and Cynergy Bank are offering the top one-year fixed-rate Cash Isa at 1.74%.

The next best rate is 1.7% via Coventry Building Society, although you have to tie up your money until 31 May next year rather than for just 12 months. 

In terms of easy-access taxable accounts, you can earn 1.51% with The Family Building Society, but the opening balance is £15,000, and you can’t add any money to your account after 8 March.

Meanwhile, the Marcus account from Goldman Sachs pays 1.5%, including a 0.15 percentage point bonus payable for a year. Virgin Money also pays 1.5%, but limits you to two withdrawals a year.

The best rate with no bonus or restrictions comes from Shawbrook Bank at 1.43% followed by Ford Money and RCI Bank both offering 1.42%.

On fixed-rate bonds, the top one-year rate is 2.01% from OakNorth Bank, closely followed by Tandem Bank and Masthaven Bank at 2%.

You can earn a top 2.15% fixed for 18 months, or 2.3% for two years with Masthaven.

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