Deal of the week: Pukka pies for £1 - a 40% discount

25 January 2019

Pukka pies will be on offer until the end of January for £1.

What’s the deal exactly?

Pukka Pies has cut the price of its pies at Morrisons and ASDA by nearly half – down from £1.75 to £1.

The deal includes the new steak and ale pie as well as veggie leek and potato pie.

Morrisons Veggie Leek & PotatoIndividual pie £1 (down from £1.75)
 All Steak
 Chicken & Mushroom
 Steak & Kidney
ASDAVeggie Leek & Potato
 Steak & Ale
 All Steak
 Chicken & Mushroom
 Steak & Kidney
 Minced Steak & Onion
 Chicken & Gravy

Why should I care?

Everyone loves pies! The cold weather is here so why not fill up with a delicious hearty treat?

Pukka’s new steak and ale pie features high quality, prime cuts of beef steak cooked in rich gravy with St Peter’s Bitter – a delicious treat for all pie lovers.

And for those who like a meat-free treat, Pukka Pies is expanding its meat-free offering by launching a new veggie leek and potato pie.

Encased in light and golden flaky puff pastry the pie is filled with leek, potato and spinach and with a creamy mature cheddar sauce – veggie heaven for everyone.

What’s the catch?

The deal ends on 31 January, so you haven’t got long.

What other options do I have?

Ginsters has a range of pies and pasties that might take your fancy, or you can always try a range an own-brand pie from one of the big supermarkets.

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Don't rate them, I prefer Morrison's own fresh baked chunky steal or steak and ale pies, contain more real meat.

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